Slouching Toward Slashdom:
Diary of a Boy Slasher

Slouching Toward Slashdom: Diary of a Boy Slasher
{who am I?} {why am I here?} {unchained slash melody}

Kev's Story Index

The A-Team
{Reach Back, Remember} (11K)
In which our boys get graphic, first time out. My first and last A-Team fic.

Cinderella Man
{Haymaker} (7K)
Braddock and Gould and locker-room angst.

{Foggy at Night in the City} (15K)
My first Daredevil story. Matt realizes that it's Foggy who's been the only constant in his life all these years. Pre-Milla.

{Justice} (9K)
A college-age story where Matt and Foggy both realize they don't have to be alone in the dark.

{After the Trial, Day One} (1K)
Playing with the senses in this "one-hundred word challenge" set after the events of issue 39/419.

due South
{Love That Wind} (4K)
My first foray into DS land, with attempts at humour and angst.

{Four Score} (4K)
Ray V. and Stella have a heated argument about a pair of boxers, and wackiness ensues!

{One: An Epistolary Heartbreak} (5K)
Response to the "Document" challenge. Mucho angst.

{Not So Deep} (3K)
A PWP in a truck-stop bathroom.

{Demian} (6K)
Ray Kowalski's long, dark night of the soul, struggling to find peace and love where there is only illusion.

{A Conversation Over Theodore Taylor} (4K)
A subversive little jaunt in response to the "Key" challenge. Enjoy my bizarre interpretation of the rules.

{Gasp} (5K)
Porn, porn, porn, in which Ray K. and Fraser explore the joys of erotic asphyxiation.

{Fall of the Sparrow} (8K)
Fraser works to save Ray K's soul in this controversial sequel to "Demian."

{Wings of Lead} (5K)
Ray V and all the jealous angst you can handle.

{Under the Shell} (6K)
In which Ari discovers Turtle's not-so-secret secret, and has a little fun.

Head of the Class
{Carry That Weight} (6K)
In which Dennis is feeling intimations of his adulthood, and he and Mr. Moore share an intimate moment.

{Alive} (8K)
An intense first encounter between Dennis and Mr. Moore.

{Inside Of Me} (9K)
Mr. Moore and Dennis take things to a whole new level.

{Fly Me To the Moon} (11K)
Something new unfurls between Dennis and Mr. Moore. An all-too-serious wingfic satire.

{Jinx} (10K)
A cynical Dennis Blunden reacts strangely when a new kid joins the IHP; the beginnings of my first HOTC novella.

Men With Guns
{Got Your Back}
In which Eddie learns that he can allow himself to be saved for once.

Roy Orbison in Clingfilm
(Visit the Roy Orbison In Clingfilm website!)
{A Winter Morning In Oslo} (2K)
Oslo. Winter morning. Post office. Roy Orbison. Clingfilm. Jetta the terrapin. What else do you need?

{Turtles} (3K)
A crossover with Hard Core Logo, this one deals with an obscure computer program from the 80's ... plus Roy Orbison and Jetta the Terrapin, of course!

Tour of Duty

{The Hell of Lonely Men} (6K)
Part One of the "Casualties" saga: Zeke and Percell are tentative.

{Haunted} (8K)
Part Two: Frustration mounts, at the war, at the world, at themselves.

{Across the Sea} (4K)
Part Three: Zeke bares his soul ... yet not much else.

{Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness} (12K)
Part Four: The joy of clandestine release.

{It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Myron} (8K)
A sickly-sweet satire of my own angsty stories, this tender holiday tale has Myron, Zeke, angst, and reindeer sweaters.