Roy Orbison In Clingfilm

"A Winter Morning In Oslo"

Every day I walk the same route to the post office. This morning was very cold in Oslo but still I put Jetta in my pocket on the walk. Then who should I see when I walked into the post that afternoon? None other than rock and roll sensation Roy Orbison!

He stood by the mailboxes wearing his trademark dark glasses and black clothing, but I did notice his jacket was missing. "Hello," I said to him, shifting the backpack from one shoulder to another. It is a good thing I always have two or three rolls of clingfilm on me for just such instances.

"Good afternoon," said Roy Orbison sardonically. He noticed Jetta trying to crawl out of my pocket. "Is it safe to carry a terrapin around in your pocket on a morning this cold in Oslo?

"Yes," I answered. "It is completely safe." The sun filtered in from the outside and shone off his glasses.

"Perhaps you could help me," said Roy. "I seem to have lost my jacket and I am very cold. Do you have a jacket you could lend me."

"No," I told him. "But if you would like, I would be able to wrap you entirely in clingfilm until you are warm enough to carry on about your day."

"That sounds very nice," he told me. "How thoughtful of you."

I took the rolls of clingfilm out of my backpack and began methodically wrapping Roy Orbison up, very tightly. I knew that the clingfilm would not breathe as much as his trademark clothing, and would thus warm him. I wondered what a profound change this might make in him, if he would still be the same person when he eventually was unwrapped. Perhaps this would later affect his singing style or his way of life in the future.

When I was done, I looked at my handiwork. "There," I said. "Now you are completely wrapped in clingfilm."

I could tell he was trying to nod, but he did not have much range of movement. So for some time I simply chatted with him about fuel shortages and other matters of the day whilst Jetta crawled all over Roy. I think perhaps Roy very much enjoyed warming up on that cold morning in Oslo.