Not So Deep

by kev_bot

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"You are the dirtiest man I’ve ever met."

Fraser pinned Ray against the thick concrete wall of the truck stop bathroom. He slid into him with little resistance; Ray was all about the rough and tumble.

“What if someone comes in?” Ray asked. Benny could hear the excitement in his best friend’s voice. He knew that, not so deep down, Ray wanted to get caught. It was the exposure that excited him, made him hard in Benny’s hands.

“They’ll enjoy the show,” Benny grunted into Ray’s ear, thrusting forward and eliciting a low growl from Ray: dark, animalistic. Fucking Ray in truck stop bathrooms was always one step away from being truly feral. Ever since Ray had confessed to having palm drive fantasies about Fraser in his mountie hat (and little else), every time had pushed more, darker, deeper into the secret heart of their fervent sexual desires.

Benny pulled almost all the way out, then slammed hard back in, burying himself in Ray’s ass and nearly exploding with sensation. His hand worked Ray’s cock furiously, flicking that little ridge under the tip that drove Ray wild. He...

Suddenly, there was a noise out in the parking lot. A car, stereo blasting.

“What if we get caught?” Ray repeated, bucking his hips back in rhythm with Benny’s forceful thrusts.

“We’ll ask them if they want to join in,” Benny said, marveling both at the raunchiness his own sensibilities had sunk into and thrilling to the mixture of fear and excitement in Ray’s voice.

“What’s that song that car’s playing?” Ray asked, his voice thick and almost rabid.

“That REM song,” Benny said, remembering the disc being in Ray’s collection. They’d listened to it one night during a five hour foreplay session that seemed to go on for years. That disc and all the others became their soundtrack that night. “‘It’s the End of the World As We Know It,’” Benny said, and now he was very close.

“That ... that from Automatic for the People?” Ray asked, and Benny could tell he was close, too. Coming together, now that would be divine.

“No,” Benny said, his face tightening into that pre-spunk grimace. “No, from Document.” Now he came, slamming so hard he feared he was hurting Ray but past the point of caring. Besides, that grunting moan coming from Ray as Ray’s own orgasm spurted all over the bathroom wall didn’t sound like pain. No sir, not at all.

Their pants were up and they were washing their hands as the trucker strolled in. They nodded at each other. Ray’s come was still on the wall.

Back in the car, Ray turned to Benny. “You are the dirtiest man I’ve ever met.”

“You made me what I am, partner.”

Then they kissed, deeply, gently. That’s when the dark slides out, and the love slides in. For Benny, this was always the happiest ending. ~end~

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