BrooklineGirl's A-Team Slash Fic

BrooklineGirl's A-Team Slash Fic

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[Against Love's Fire] (9K)
Sex, sex, and more sex. NC-17.

[Angels of the Morning] (10K)
A day in the life of Templeton Peck. PG.

[Dark of the Morning] (7K)
An early morning interlude between Face and Murdock. PG.

[Darkness Resolved] (18K)
Sometimes you just need rescuing. PG.

[Don't Leave Me Lonely] (9K)
A vignette set in Vietnam. Murdockís on edge and looking for steadiness. PG.

[Door Into Summer] (36K)
Late spring fades into summer, and Face is looking for what's missing. This is a sequel to Angels of the Morning. PG.

[Doux Present du Present] (19K)
Response to the 2nd Missing Scene Challenge over at the A-Slash. Itís Christmas 1973, the Teamís first after their escape from jail. Face is missing Murdock, who he hasnít seen since their last mission in Vietnam. PG.

[Early Morning Blues and Greens] (17K) An early morning Face/Murdock PWP. NC-17.

[Give and Take] (4K)
ďDonít start.Ē Murdockís lips nudged at the side of Faceís neck again, breath hot against his skin. R.

[Good Days and Bad Days and Going Half-Mad Days] (27K)
Hurt, comfort, teasing, sex, love. . . the only thing missing is, um, plot. NC-17.

[Incommunicado] (34K)
Response to the Cowboy George Missing Scene Challenges over at the A-Slash. A month had never seemed longer. Four weeksóactually, now, more than four weeks, without seeing Face. R.

[Looking Through You](21K)
Response to the Beast from the Belly of a Boeing Missing Scene Challenge at the A-Slash. Murdockís on edge, and getting blinded helps not at all. PG.

[Lost Causes] (16K)
Response to the very first Missing Scene Challenge over at the A-Slash. Takes place at the end of "Firing Line", with Murdock waiting to find out if his plan worked, if the Team survived, and what his future with Face might be. PG.

[The Night Rainbow] (13K)
They lied. The movies lied, the stories lied, Prince Charming lied.. PG.

[Snow and Mistletoe] (3K)
A series of Christmas vignettes. G.

[Snowfall] (14K)
Coming to terms with being in love. PG.

[Tired] (11K)
An after-mission slashy vignette. PG.

[Want You To Want Me] (21K)
It's Valentine's Day and what we have here is a failure to communicate. R.

Things Fall Apart

Somehow my happy little Face-and-Murdock universe went from them
being blissfully in love to this desperate struggle to somehow stay together.
Finding balance during their time at Langley proves difficult for Face and Murdock,
and sometimes love just ainít enough.

[Part 1: Edge of Winter] (5K)
Itís November and the season is changing. PG.

[Part 2: Little Boy Blue and the Man in the Moon] (31K)
Response to the "Family Reunion" Missing Scene Challege at the A-Slash. Face straightening his hair, his jacket, himself. Put on the proper faÁade, the donít ask, donít tell front that hid everything, gave the world the pretty boy they so wanted to see. PG.

[Part 3: Darkest Hour] (15K)
A dark night in Langley and Face slips away to be with Murdock. NC-17.

[Part 4: For What It's Worth] (15K)
Response to the "Theory of Revolution" Missing Scene Challege at the A-Slash. This brush with danger (brush with death? Donít think about that just now) brought him to his senses. Heís mine and I ainít never lettiní him go. PG.

[Part 5: Nothing To Lose] (13K)
Response to the "Spy Who Mugged Me" Missing Scene Challege at the A-Slash. I tell myself Iím not his, Iím just me. Or, okay, fine, Iím this other guy. PG.

[Part 6: Nobody's in Love This Year] (16K)
We're trapped here and so long as he has this. . .this dependence on us, he'll be trapped here, too. R.

Proceed with Caution: My Very First A-Team Stories.

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