Good Days and Bad Days and Going Half-Mad Days

by brooklinegirl (witchbaby)



Hurt, comfort, teasing, sex, love. . . the only thing missing is, um, plot.. Title credit to Jimmy Buffett: "I've had good days and bad days and going half-mad days. If the phone doesn't ring, it's me."


He wondered how long, exactly, one could go without having sex before really and truly losing one's mind?

Probably longer than it had been for him-it probably didn't happen very much at all, really, that someone went crazy from lack of sex. But for him, it felt like he was close to his limit. Very close.

Being driven ever closer by Murdock's hand tracing casual circles on the back of his neck as he tried to pay attention to Hannibal.

They had just, that very day, completed a fairly routine mission. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary- -for them, at least. A family farm being run out of business by big bads who wanted the land for nefarious purposes. And there were the fairly run of the mill bad guys, big and muscley, but not trained at all. Thinking "big" meant "good", when it came to fighting.

No big deal, not for the A-Team. But somehow during the fights, a few things had gone wrong. One guy had managed to land a sucker punch, and Murdock had taken it hard. He'd been thrown for a loop, and had a nice bruise to show for it, high on his cheekbone. Another guy had grabbed Face just as he was aiming a punch at a different guy, and thrown him head over heels. He'd landed good and proper on his right side. Nothing terribly hurt, nothing broken, but the entire side felt bruised.

BA, of course, had come through unscathed. As had Hannibal. So Face and Murdock were being dressed-down by their commander, for getting careless. Face sighed, knowing that there was extra training coming up in their future. But all of that aside, the real issue was this: he hadn't been able to break Murdock out of the VA in almost a month and a half. He'd gotten in to see him a time or two, which was good, as he'd missed him terribly. But all that had ended up doing was whetting his appetite. It was easy enough, in the conference rooms Face was able to scam as a "visiting psychiatrist", for the two of them to engage in some lovely make out sessions.

The stolen kisses, hot, wet, did little but make it worse. That they had time to do little but kiss and pet made it so much harder to live without the ultimate closeness.

He was frenetically aware of Murdock, seated on the couch next to him. Not just next to him, no, far enough away that it wasn't until his arm was stretched out along the back of the couch that he could reach with those nimble fingers and caress the back of Face's neck so firmly.

Murdock appeared to be paying close attention to the colonel. All focused on the lecture they were receiving. But that hand, the fingers softly, and somehow sensuously, stroking up and down and around the skin on Face's neck . . . it was driving him crazy.. Face shifted uncomfortably once again. Hannibal stopped his lecture on being careful, directed his gaze at his obviously distracted lieutenant.

"Boring you, lieutenant?" Man, his gaze could pierce holes through your skull.

"Ah, no . . . sir." He added hastily as Hannibal's eyes narrowed, in full commander mode.

Face could feel Murdock's eyes on him. Turned to see him looking oh, so casually, wondering why he couldn't pay attention to Hannibal's lecture. He glared at him, feeling the heat rising in his cheeks, just from that burning gaze, and hoped Hannibal would think the blush was from the reprimand they were receiving. He crossed his arms and made a move to turn away from Murdock's eyes, then had to gasp and freeze, as the sudden movement sent pain coursing through his right side.

He sat, concentrating on breathing for just a moment, felt the sweat beading on his forehead. His posture was frozen mid-movement, hand held to his side. He sat that way for several seconds, then focused again and saw all three of his team members looking at him concernedly.

"Faceman, you okay?" Murdock's face was worried as hell, the teasing hand now a solicitous one, holding onto his shoulder. Hannibal had his cigar clenched between his teeth, weighing the situation. Apparently deciding that Face was for real, he gave one last stare.

"You two have got to start being more careful. I can't have my best requisitions officer . . ."

Face, between gritted teeth, "Your ONLY requisitions officer. . ."

". . . out of commission for long."

"I won't be out of commission at all. I'm fine." Face carefully sat up straight, his hand still hovering near his right side.

"Face, you sure those ribs aren't broken?" Murdock's face and voice were real worried.

He held Face's shoulder still, real gentle, and his other hand seemed to want to keep darting out, wanting to hold Face closer, but not daring to. Not here. Not now.

Face knew he had to get the two of them out of range of the measuring eyes of Hannibal and BA.

(Part 2)

"Sure." But he let his voice sound a little uncertain. Anything to get them out of this lecture. Besides, he was pretty sure they weren't broken, but he hurt like mad and really wasn't looking forward to moving anytime soon. A grain of truth always helped.

"Okay. We're done, for now." Hannibal shifted his cigar from one side of his mouth to the other and reached forward, took hold of Murdock's chin, brought his head around to check out the bruise. Murdock allowed it, but his eyes were shifting anxiously towards Face, who was sitting quite still. Satisfied that there was no permanent damage, Hannibal released him. "Get some ice on that bruise, Captain."

"Will do, Colonel." Murdock glanced at his commander and nodded before re-focusing on Face. Face could see the worry in Murdock's eyes (he tended to over-worry when it came to Face), and also see how he had to practically sit on his hands to keep them still. As it was, he was sitting a bit close for comfort (and it *was* comforting, or would have been, if Hannibal and

BA weren't there, Hannibal measuring, BA concerned but still amused).

"And Face. I want you to let Murdock check over those ribs, okay?"

"They're not broken, Colonel." Face raised a cocky eyebrow and rose oh, so carefully to his feet. Stood seemingly easily and didn't even need to push himself up on the arm of the couch, though-damn-he swayed just a bit once he gained his feet. Murdock leapt up at the same time. Stood close. Face's right arm still hovered protectively near his side, but he used his left one to sweep the hair out of his face-and, in the process, wiped the sweat off his forehead. Met Hannibal's gaze steadily.

"Mmm-hmm." Hannibal looked at him a moment longer, then took his cigar out of his mouth and gestured at Murdock with it. "Captain, check him, and don't let him talk you out of it. Anything serious, you tell me ASAP."

There was barely a pause, as Murdock met Face's eyes for just a second, and Face lowered his eyes a fraction, giving permission. "Sure thing, Colonel. I won't let him pull a fast one on me."

Face wanted to see if the Colonel had noticed the not-quite-a-pause, but staying upright and making it look easy was taking all of his concentration. Couldn't quite focus just then. Argue. Argue, or he'd know. "Colonel, you're going to trust my well-being to a psychiatric patient?"

Hannibal looked amused. "Well, it's him or BA." BA smiled and got to his feet, holding his chains down with one huge beringed hand. Brought his hands together and cracked his knuckles.

"You want me to check you over, Face? I be real careful."

Face winced. "Ah, no, but thank you, BA. I guess I'll trust Murdock to it, since, you know, Hannibal's orders and all." He sent a smile in BA's direction, and BA just shook his head, not trying to hide his amusement.

"Okay, lieutenant. Captain." Hannibal smiled. "You go take care of yourselves. And get some rest." He turned and headed out of the room. He was at the door before he called back over his shoulder, "You're going to need it, we're training next week, and you both owe me laps." He strode out and BA followed, giggling quietly.

Murdock was good and watched till they were out the door before he took hold of Face's arm and helped him sink carefully to the couch. Face accepted the help reluctantly; it was better than falling down, which he'd been beginning to think he just might do.. That would hurt. Murdock got Face sitting down, then quickly began unbuttoning his shirt.

Face tried to push his hands away, but since he was only using his left hand to do so, the right arm still pressed to his side, he didn't have much luck. "Murdock, what are you doing?" he hissed. "BA and Hannibal are still here."

"No, they're not." Murdock had gotten his shirt open and was carefully easing it off his shoulders. Face refused to lean forward to allow him access. "They're going to get us supplies and stuff."

Face raised a skeptical eyebrow, then heard the van pulling out of the driveway. He sighed, put out, and gave in to the gentle but steady pressure of Murdock's hand on his back. Leaned forward, carefully, holding himself very upright. Murdock slipped his shirt off, then pushed Face to lie down. Face resisted, so Murdock changed his focus to getting his arm away from his side. Winced at the harsh bruising that covered his right side.

"Face, what the hell. . . ?" Murdock pushed away his hand, as Face tried to protect his side again. Murdock shook his head angrily. "We should know better by now, than to listen when you say you're okay."

Face protested. "Murdock, it's fine, just a bruise."

"*Just* a bruise?" Murdock clenched his fists. Frustrated at Face, for not telling. Angry with the guy who'd thrown him, done this to him. Mad that Face had kept fighting, even after being thrown, and had probably hurt himself even more.

"Face, look, just don't start with me right now, okay?" This was said through gritted teeth, and Face stopped his protestations, after hearing the tone. "Let's get you upstairs, where you can lie down and I can check you over."

Tired, suddenly, Face nodded humbly. Started getting slowly to his feet, waving away Murdock's help. "It'll hurt less if I do it on my own." He had to use the couch for leverage this time, and Murdock hovered nearby, ever the mother-hen. Face stood just breathing for a few moments, and the annoyance rushed over Murdock again, at Face for not telling about how bad he'd been hurt, and at himself for not paying closer attention, knowing the conman's penchant for hiding.

"You okay to make it upstairs?"

Face nodded somewhat smoothly, and the smile Murdock got was not shaky at all, pure conman skill. Murdock shook his head and went around to hold Face's arm on his uninjured side, started gently guiding him towards the stairs, keeping an eye on their direction, so as not to jostle Face, since it seemed it was taking all of Face's skill just to stay upright and moving.

Murdock mumbled under his breath as they moved, "'Just a bruise.' You're gonna WISH you'd let BA take over, by the time I get through checking you."

Face's voice was slightly breathless. "Now, be nice. I'm injured, remember?"

"Oh, sure, *now* you want to take advantage of it."

They were at the stairs now and Face paused for a second. Murdock tightened his grip on Face's arm and Face threw him a smile as they started up slowly, one step at a time. "Well, you were kind of taking advantage of me on the couch earlier. I'm just trying to return the favor."

Murdock grinned through his worry, watching Face's feet to make sure he didn't stumble. "Take advantage of you? Me? Now, Face, you know I wouldn't do that. I was just trying to make sure you were relaxed, and paying attention. You know, to Hannibal's lecture."

It took the rest of Face's breath just to get to the top of the stairs, and once there, he stopped to lean against the wall. He tried hard to make it look casual, but he was breathing heavily. He smiled firmly. After a moment, he was able to speak. "I was anything *but* relaxed there, and all I was paying attention to were your talented fingers and the, ah, effect they were having on me." Recovered, he pushed off the wall and started walking again.

"Yeah, well," Murdock guided him down hall and into the bedroom. "Wouldn't have teased you if I'd known you were really hurt."

"See?" Face lowered himself to the bed. "Yet another good reason for not telling."

Murdock glared at him. He'd been trying to get Face to recognize the benefits of honesty (with him, at least), but it was a hard thing for Face to learn. He guided Face back till he was lying flat on the bed. Face lay still and ran one hand through his hair. Murdock bit his lip. The bruising looked even worse now that he was able to get a good look at it.


He looked up at Face.

"They're not broken. I'm serious. You can check me out, but they're not broken. I'm just sore, tired, and sexually frustrated." His smile was real, and Murdock got caught in it, couldn't help but smile back.

"Well. Why don't I just check that, and let you know?" Murdock moved closer on the bed and ran his hands cautiously down Face's bruised side.

A slow smile crossed the conman's face. "Now, *that* sounds interesting. How are you going to check to see if I'm sexually frustrated or not? You could take my word for it, but I think your way just may be more fun."

Murdock shook his head with a distracted grin. "Checking your RIBS, dummy." He continued to examine Face's side. "I set myself up for that one."

"You did, indeed." Face's smile spread to a grin, then he flinched as Murdock's fingers probed a particularly tender spot.

Murdock looked up. "That hurt?"

"No, it felt great," Face gasped. Murdock frowned at him. "*Yes*, it hurt. Stop *poking* at me."

"That's not what you said *last* night." Now it was Murdock's turn to grin mercilessly at Face. Face struggled to keep a dour expression, but laughed, holding his side.

"Hmm." Murdock carefully finished up his examination of Face's bruised side. "Okay, I think you may be right. Not broken- -not from any lack of trying on your part- -but I think maybe they should be wrapped up."

"That would hurt. I'm all sore on that side anyway." Face frowned.

"Yeah, but just to be on the safe side. . ."

"Can't we be on the safe side tomorrow?" he sighed.

"Maybe." Murdock's hands were now busily unbuttoning Face's jeans.

"What are you. . . ?"

"Hannibal told me to check you over. I'm just doing what the man said."

"Oh, really? Do you think this is what he meant?" Face carefully raised his hips so that Murdock could slide his jeans down and off.

"I'm looking for other injuries you decided not to share with us." Murdock ran his hands down each of Face's legs, trying to be professional about it, yet somehow lingering on the soft skin. It had been a *long* time.

Face, somehow maintaining a sense of decorum even while clad only in flannel boxers covered with little sharks, raised an eyebrow. Murdock refused to meet his eyes, but continued to linger over his check of Face's body. Face shifted slightly on the bed, as the arousal Murdock had created in him earlier with the teasing began to return. He was sore and achy and tired, but he was also in bed alone with his lover for the first time in weeks, and that was more than enough encouragement for him to ignore some simple bruised ribs (they didn't even hurt, really, not too much. Murdock's lingering fingers were *much* more distracting). He was well able to ignore the pain, in light of other, ah, arising situations.

Murdock smiled as Face's arousal became evident, but continued his examination. He finished trailing his hands down Face's legs, finding a few more bruises, but nothing serious. He gently walked his fingers up and down each arm. Nothing broken there, either. He kicked off his shoes so he could climb up on the bed next to Face. He lay next to him on his good side. "Gotta check for concussion."

"Okay. . ." Face breathed. Murdock leaned over him and carefully ran his fingers through Face's thick hair. His lithe fingers massaged his scalp, checking for bumps and bruises, moving slowly. This brought his face very close to Face's own, and Face found it a little bit harder to catch his breath. He was focusing on Murdock's lips so close to his own, and his mouth was suddenly very dry. Murdock's hands were moving more slowly as he found himself getting distracted by Face's eyes, sensual and intent. He was trying hard to stay focused, but fighting a losing battle as Face licked his lips slowly. Murdock swallowed hard as his fingers slipped out of Face's hair. He lowered his head, drawn to those wet, waiting lips.

He paused just a breath away for a moment, then slowly, ever so slowly, brushed his lips against Face's. Pulled back a minute amount, eyes still closed, intently aware of his hand resting against the warm skin of Face's chest. Felt Face's breathing quicken. His own heart was beating like mad, but he waited till it was almost unbearable, then pressed his lips hard to Face's, tasting him, feeling him, pushed his tongue in, found Face's own. Kissed him hard for a long time, till they had to pull away if only to breathe.

Murdock lay there for a moment, recovering a bit, then said, "Well, your reflexes are good." He took a deep breath. "Guess there's no concussion."

"Are you sure?" Face murmured. "Maybe you should check again." He reached up with his left hand and pulled Murdock back down to him. This kiss was run entirely by Face. Smooth and deep and oh, god, so unbearably hot. Murdock found his hand drifting down of its own accord. He ran his long fingers lightly along the waist of the boxers, then slipped just the tips of them in. "Think there's a spot or two I haven't checked out yet."

"Think there's a spot or two you haven't checked in quite some time, actually." Face sighed as Murdock's warm fingers explored a bit further under the boxers.

"Hmm. And Hannibal would want me to be thorough, I'm sure."

"I'm sure he would."

Murdock traced his way around Face's warm waist, then hooked his fingers around the edge of the boxers. Face helpfully lifted his hips, and Murdock slowly pulled the boxers off, taking his time. Smiled at the sharky shorts. "Aren't these mine?"

Face grinned. "Well, yeah. You left them at my apartment, and I . . ." Face trailed off.

"What, you missed me? Maybe? A little?" Murdock's voice was soft, and he was hovering over Face's naked body, most of his attention on Face's sizable erection.

"Maybe a little." Face caught his breath sharply as Murdock moved slowly down the bed till he was very close to his erection, letting his breath fall hot on it. Then he slowly traced his fingers up and down the shaft, eliciting another sharply drawn breath from Face. Again, Face lifted his hips, only to have Murdock press them firmly back to the bed and hold them there. "Uh-uh. You're hurt. Shouldn't be moving around like that. Lie still and let me finish, um, examining you." He brought his mouth quite close and again breathed hot up and down the length of the shaft.

Face moaned with frustration and pushed slightly against Murdock's hands. Murdock looked up at him and shook his head, smiling. "Patience, Facey." He brought his mouth down and ran his tongue gently up the length of Face's penis. Face struggled to maintain his even breathing, and said, "I don't remember this being part of a check-up."

"No?" Murdock asked curiously, a slightly wicked smile on his face. "How 'bout this?" And he enclosed Face's shaft entirely in his warm mouth, brought his head down steadily to swallow it. Face drew a quick breath and buried his hands in Murdock's hair, not so much to pull him closer, but just to hold on.

He was having a difficult time holding still. Found that he was moaning rhythmically as Murdock moved his mouth steadily up and down the shaft, his tongue swirling around and around. He still had his hands firmly on Face's hips, and Face released Murdock's head and brought his hands down to clutch at the covers. The pain from his bruised side was receding into the distance, replaced by the sweet feelings engulfing him.

"Murdock," he gasped, just as the sweetness was becoming almost too much to bear.

Murdock drew back a bit. "Yes, love?" he responded, his attention still drawn to the now-throbbing erection in front of him.

"Murdock, I. . ." Face lost his train of thought as Murdock, unable to hold back, ran his tongue around the head of his penis, then licked down the shaft once more. "Murdock, please." He was trembling with need. Murdock regretfully pulled his mouth away from the hard member and looked up at Face.

Face panted, "I want you.I want you close." He paused, then, "Isn't there one other spot you haven't examined just yet?"

Murdock sat up, pulling his shirt off and tossing it aside. "Yeah, Facey, guess there is." He hesitated. "I don't want to hurt you though. You really shouldn't be moving around too very much."

"Well, how about you do all the work then?" He pulled Murdock down into a persuasive kiss, long and deep, probing and convincing, and didn't release him till he felt Murdock melting under the kiss, hands clutching at him (carefully, still, avoiding the bruised areas), and cock pressing hard, so hard, against his thigh.

"Okay," Murdock gasped when Face finally, slowly, released his lips. "Okay." He quickly slipped out of his pants and boxers, gratefully releasing his aching erection. "You sure you're up to this?"

Face looked down at his own hard member, then back up at Murdock. "Yeah. Pretty sure." He smiled, and carefully rolled over. Murdock pushed a pillow under him, raising his hips slightly. Face grimaced as the movement hurt his bruised side, but shook his head at Murdock's worried look. "Please. . .I need you right now. Please."

"All right." Murdock carefully traced fingers up Face's back, then nestled up against him, slightly canted to one side to avoid the bruised area. He pressed himself hard against Face, then kissed the back of his neck. "Now then, where's that spot that I missed?" He walked his fingers down Face's back, caressed the lovely curve of his ass. Pulled away for a moment, and

then Face felt gentle slip pery fingers loosening him, preparing him for what was to come.

Face buried his face in the pillow, gasping, "I think you've found the spot."

"Hmm, maybe I'd better check more closely." Then Murdock was easing slowly, slowly into him, hard length moving smoothly in. Face (helpfully) lifted his hips just a bit, and Murdock delved beneath, encircling his cock with his slick hand. For a moment, Murdock just caressed him, and stayed buried, quite still, deep within. Face could feel him breathing hard, as he supported his weight with one arm, still anxious not to cause any further harm to his lover.

Then he started moving, slowly, in and out, his hand moving in perfect rhythm. Face, moaning beneath him, cried out as a wave of heat crashed over him. "I take it back. . .*now* I think you've found the spot."

"Good. Good." Finding an ancient rhythm, perfect still, Murdock continued moving in and out of Face, the feel of being inside him bringing blessed relief from weeks upon weeks of going without. That, coupled with the concern, the fear, of any hurt coming to his love, the potential of losing him, brought Murdock to the edge quite quickly. "Oh, god, Face. Oh," and he thrust deeply. "I think, I think this may have to be quick, 'cause, oh god." He felt Face convulse beneath him, the stimulation of his prostate and the hand on his penis too much, sending him falling, falling hard over the edge, crying out Murdock's name.

This was all it took, and Murdock followed his instinct, thrust hard and deep and fast and, not holding back, came deep inside of his lover, trembling to his core.

He held himself deep inside for several seconds before falling to one side. Wanting to hold Face close, but not daring to, for fear of hurting his injured side. Face was lying exhausted, spent, heart rate slowly returning to normal. Murdock nudged him gently, leaning in to kiss his cheek softly. Face sighed happily and turned his head to look at Murdock, his hair disheveled, face still flushed and glowing.

Murdock ran his hand down the side of his face, asking, "Are you okay?"

"More than okay." He rolled over slowly and lay on his back, breath still coming a bit heavy. Murdock observed his heaving chest appreciatively for a moment, before leaning over the side of the bed and snagging a towel to clean them both up. Face sighed, and looked up at him. "How about you?" He reached up a lazy hand to trace the growing bruise on Murdock's cheekbone.

Murdock winced slightly and caught hold of Face's hand. Brought it down to his lips and kissed it. "Only hurts a little. I'm a tough guy, I'll be okay." He sat for a moment, watching Face's eyes blink slowly. Leaned in and gave him a light kiss. "Okay, doll, I'm going to wrap your side up, just to be safe. Don't fall asleep yet."

"I won't," Face murmured. He watched as Murdock got up and slipped on his pants and shirt. "Hey," he called as Murdock turned to go downstairs to fetch the bandage. He smiled beseechingly and Murdock made his way back to the bed. He leaned over and Face pulled him into a strong kiss. He released him, and, at Murdock's raised eyebrows, said, "Hey, never know when we're going to get a chance like that again. Just want to give us a little something to get us started next time."

Murdock grinned. "Never takes too much to get me started when I'm with you, love."

Face sighed once again. "Tell me about it." He watched Murdock head again towards the door. "Love you," he called.

Murdock turned at the door, looked back and blew a kiss. "Love you, too."

Face heard him whistling as he headed downstairs. Hannibal and BA would be back soon. He snagged the blanket at the foot of the bed and snuggled beneath it, determined to be asleep, or a close approximation thereof, before Murdock got back and tried to get him into that insanely uncomfortable bandage. Couldn't make life too easy for him, he wouldn't know what to do with himself. He smiled, the aching well worth the loving.


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