Some Like It Both Ways<p>

Some Like It Both Ways

by brooklinegirl



Rating NC-17!!! No kids at all should click here! Lots of sex and some of it is GAY.

Summary: After "Some Like it Red" FRASER decides that he wants to be a woman forever. He goes to the nearest Vodun community to see what they can do. He meets KOWALSKI and they fall madly and deeply in love. But oh no, the RayK has no idea Fraser's not what he seems. What happens when VECCHIO appears and pregnancy is involved? For lozenger8, because she totally thought this was a wicked good idea and I said I would write it for her as hot as I could!

Author's Note: Sentences in BOLD with ** around it indicates internal thoughts of Benton. Sentences UNDERLINED with ** indicated internal thoughts of Ray (KOWALSKI). Sentences in ITALICS with ** around it indicate internal thoughts of Ray (VECCHIO). I decided to put all the events (the cross-dressing and the voodoo stuff) in the same season because it makes things easier.

(er. This is for the BADFIC challenge at ds_flashfic. Just. FYI.)

Benton Fraser brushed his long, jet-black hair back from his angular yet somehow still feminine square-jawed face. This felt right somehow; this felt like how it was meant to be. He thought to himself **I like feeling like this. I like the swoosh-swoosh of my skirt against my muscular thighs.** He decided he wanted to stay like this forever. "Deiffenbaker," he said, trying to sound feminine. "I have decided I want to stay a woman forever."

Deif tilted his head and woofed at Fraser. It was hard to pinpoint, but Fraser interpreted it as "I will suporte you in all ways regarding your gender reassignment task."

So Deif put a ribbon in his fur as a symbol of his support and the two of them headed out. **I won't tell Ray Vecchio, my partner, just yet. It will be a surprise.**

Fraser had connections in the local Vodun community, because of the case where he had to deal with them before. He went to the VooDoo priestess' house and knocked on the door. He smoothed down his swooshy skirt and patted his hair. There was no answer! Benton was a patient person, so he knocked again and waited, trying to decide if "BENTON" was a feminine enough name to keep once he becomes Fully a Woman.

From the shadows behind him in the dark hallway of the Vodun apartment building on East 8th Street, he heard someone say, "They ain't gonna' be answerin'."

Suddenly Fraser turned around, startled, his hand to his chest which had been enhanced with special foam breasts that made him look very well-built and girly. "Who are you!"

A shadow extracted itself from the deeper shadows in the hall there behind Benton, which he was now facing. "I'm Ray."

**This is not the Ray I know. This is a different Ray.**

Fraser found it suddenly hard to catch his breath. He held out one prim hand to the handsome, lithe Ray with the spiky hair and the leather jacket and the very hard-core motorcycle boots (though there was not a motorcycle in view). "I am Constable Benton Fraser."

Ray's attractive brow wrinkled in perplex. "Benton is a weird name for a woman."

"I am also Canadian, so that explains that." Benton was thinking fast on his feet and it seemed to be working.

Ray's brow cleared, and as it did, Benton longed to smooth his fingers over the handsome detectives brow. Standing so close to the other man in the hallway, he was finding it hard to keep his mind on the business at hand. Other things were getting hard, too, and he had to be careful, because that would surely inform Ray of Benton not being an actual woman yet, though he felt sure of his gender assignment in his heart of hearts. He was a woman in the body of a man, and he was a woman who was swiftly falling in love with this Ray who was NOT Ray Vecchio.

The man stuck out one long-fingered hand. "I'm Ray Kowalski and I am a detective in the Chicago Police Department," he stated.

Fraser took his hand and held it for longer than a shake. He liked those long, warm fingers against his, and Ray didn't seem to be bothered. He tugged Benton close in the hallway. "I been watchin' those voodoo people, ever since one of them stole my car, even though it was for a good cause and I got it back." He still had a firm hold on Benton's hand. "They haven't been back all day." He tilted his ruffian-type head and licked his lips with one soft pink tongue. "I think maybe they gone to Florida."

Benton nodded, his eyes wide and not hearing anything, just watching that tongue and getting harder. "Detective Ray Kowalski," he said with his voice hoarse, "I thank you for your help."

"I'm always there to help beautiful ladies." Ray's voice was husky too, and Benton thought to himself that if he were a woman, his panties would be getting wet. As it was, his penis was trying hard to escape the confines of his silken undergarments, and he was very aroused.

Suddenly Ray grabbed him! And pulled him back into the shadows! He started kissing him a lot, with his tongue in Fraser's mouth and hands everywhere. "Oh, Ray!" Fraser gasped.

"Yes, Fraser!" Ray was grabbing his hand now and tugging him down the hall. "We must go to my place. We can't have sex in the voodoo community."

Fraser spared a moment of concern over Ray finding out about his not yet being a woman but he was too sexually excited to say no. "Let's go, Ray."

They got to Ray's apartment and went up the stairs and Ray unlocked the door and they went in. They went through the foyer and the living room and then they were in the bedroom. Ray backed up until the back of his knees hit the bed and pulled Benton down on top of him. **I hope he doesn't mind that I am a man.**

Ray was lying there, hard and turned on. **I do not usually sleep with women, being gay, but for some reason I am strangely attracted to this Benton lady.**

"Oh, Ray," said Fraser and tried to think what a woman would do here. He couldn't take off his dress, because he had no breasts and also there was the problem of his penis. "Ray," he said again, stalling. The American was spread out on the bed in front of him, like some sort of jungle cat. Benton bent down and took Ray's cock out of his pants.

"OH GOD," Ray yelled out. "Yes!"

Ray's cock was hard and proud, standing up from the lush mass of Ray's pubic hair. "I want to suck it" said Benton, then blushed, for surely women didn't talk like that.

"I love that you are shy," Ray said, running his rough hand down the side of Fraser's cheek where he was blushing. **It almost feels like she has whiskers. That is just me wishing she were a man.**

Benton was very turned on and he brought his mouth to Ray's cock where it was weeping with precum. Benton licked the head and Ray gasped, for he had never felt anything like Benton's mouth before. Benton sucked him inside and Ray moaned. **Her mouth is big like a man's would be. It is too bad she is a woman.**

Benton sucked him and sucked him and loved how he tasted and then Ray came right there in Benton's mouth and he didn't even spit it out, but swallowed it. **It tastes like nectar of Ray.**

Ray, naked and beautiful, reached for Benton. "That was wonderful, darling," he said. "But now that you made me come, I can't fuck you."

Benton bit his lip and tried to decide the right thing to do. HELL this was hard, because he still wanted to be a woman, but right here, right now, "OH RAY," he said, ripping open the front of his dress and showing Ray EVERYTHING. "Ray," he said again. "Don't hate me. I am meant to be a woman, which is why I went to the Vodun community. But when I met you, things went all awry and now I am confused. I still want to be a woman, but right now," and he pulled out his cock from his pink silken panties, "I want to fuck you with THIS."

**He is a man! I thought I was just wishful thinking.**

"I wanted you to be a man!" Ray cried out. "I want you to fuck me with your cock."

"I am a woman inside still," Fraser explained, as he lowered himself forward and started fucking Ray. "But I love you so much, I will keep my penis."

"God! I love you, tooooooo." Ray's voice trailed off into a moan and Fraser fucked him for a long time until Ray came again and finally Fraser released his flow of orgasmic fluid.

**I love him.**

**I love him.**

They were lying there together in each others arms when suddenly the door burst open! It was Benton's partner, who didn't know any of this yet, and was SHOCKED to find the partner he thought was a man! And also straight! In the arms of this man who Ray Vecchio didn't know.

"What are you doing!" He yelled.

"Ray, I love him," said Fraser. "And I know this is surprising to you, all of it, but there is less to explain now that I have decided to keep my penis."

Ray Vecchio made a face like his head hurt, and Ray Kowalski sat up and gave a long, sexy stretch that had both Benton and the other Ray staring at him with their mouths open.

**I was always straight, but seeing this sexy detective and thinking of him fucking Benny is getting me strangely aroused.**

To keep himself from thinking of this sudden interest in the man in bed with Benny, Ray Vecchio said, "Benny! What has been happening? You can do what you want with this man, but What is going on with Deif?"

Fraser shook his head in confusion. "Deif? Deif is fine!"

"No!" Ray Vecchio shook his head in denial. "Deif showed up at my office all in ribbons. He said he has been faking it all along, but it is time that he comes out. He is a female wolf, Fraser! Deif is a GIRL."

Fraser gasped in astonishment. "No!"

"It gets worse," said Ray, though a smile was happening on his face. "He also says he is PREGNANT."

The three of them sat there on the bed and laughed and laughed. Some things were very strange!


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