Snow and Mistletoe

by brooklinegirl (witchbaby)



A little series of Christmas vignettes. This is my last-minute scramble to post something for the holiday challenge. I kinda cheated, since these are a series of vignettes I included in the Christmas cards I sent to emma, Niki, and Cath. Still, they're merry-merry. Happy Christmas to all!

For emma:

It was in that dim, pre-dawn time, where the windows were just slightly tinged with light. Murdock, who had been awake for a while now, turned in their warm, comfy bed to look at Face, who was still sleeping soundly. Face’s cheeks were flushed with sleep and his hair rumpled. The covers were pulled up around his shoulders but Murdock, peering down, could see one bare foot peeking out.

Murdock watched Face sleeping for a few more moments. The anticipation of starting their morning almost more than he could bear, but it was perhaps the best part of all. Finally, able to wait no longer, he nestled down close to Face under the covers and pressed a kiss to those warm, soft lips. “Wake up, Facey,” he whispered. “It’s Christmas.”


For Niki:

The remains of Christmas were everywhere. Wrapping paper lay in tatters. The tree glowed brightly in the corner. BA was busily putting together the complicated remote-control car kit that Face and Murdock had given him. Hannibal was stretched out on the couch, lazily smoking one of the brand new Cuban cigars he’d found in his stocking.

Murdock was just sitting on the floor in front of the couch, blissed out by the Christmas-ness of it all. Suddenly Face was there next to him and as Murdock turned, startled, Face pressed his lips to Murdock’s, warm and soft and close. Murdock was surrounded by Face’s unique scent and he sank into the kiss, leaning into Face. It was several moments before the conman pulled away, leaving Murdock breathless and slightly dizzy.

“Wha- what was that for?”

Face gestured for Murdock to look up. “Mistletoe.”


For Cath:

“What is it?”

”A present, Facey. Open it.”

Face shook the crazily-wrapped package suspiciously.

“Just open it, Face.” Murdock sat there, seemingly relaxed, though there was a tension to his body, and his eyes sparkled with anticipation.

Face just held the present in his hands, looking at Murdock. “What have you done?”

Murdock grinned widely and shook his head. “You’re gonna have to open it if you want to see.”

“You didn’t have to do this.” Face leaned forward, grabbed Murdock’s hand and pulled him closer. Murdock allowed it, shifted closer to Face and nestled up against him. Face draped one arm over Murdock’s shoulders.

“I wanted to. Now, open it,” Murdock ordered.

“Kinda hard to unwrap it with one hand.”

“I’ll help you.”

Together they undid the ribbons and wrapping, slowly, pausing often for Christmas kisses.


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