BrooklineGirl's HD/CKR RPS Fic

BrooklineGirl's HD/CKR RPS Fic

Callum Keith Rennie/Hugh Dillon

[43 Degrees Celsius (Hugh/Callum/Molly)] (38K)
Hugh visits Callum on the set of Suspicious River.. NC-17

[Alone So Far (Hugh Dillon/Benton Fraser)] (36K)
Constable Fraser responds to a report of a drunk and disorderly incident at a Headstones concert. NC-17

[and it goes (Hugh/Callum)] (4K)
For Boykissing Day. The first time Hugh saw Callum, he thought, fuck the no-kissing rule. NC-17.

[Bright Blue Times (Hugh/Callum)] (14K)
For the highwaymiles ficathon. Prompt: Silent sex in the Headstones tour bus while everyone else is sleeping. NC-17

[Five Things (Hugh/Callum)] (8K)
Five things about Hugh, Callum, Paul, and Martha. NC-17

[Going, Going, Gone (Hugh/Callum)] (9K)
For the International Day of Making Out. When they first met, hung out, really talked, it took everything in Hugh's power not to say, "Where've you been all my life?" like a goddamn romance movie. NC-17.

[Inch by Inch (Hugh/Callum)] (44K)
Written with justbreathe80 for RPS Advent 2006. Callum came to life underneath Hugh, and he realized instantly why Callum was the big time, why he was on contract with this studio, and why anyone would kill to work with him. NC-17

[Line Reading (Hugh/Callum)] (16K)
For Super Porn Sunday 2007: Hugh's good at the unscripted stuff.NC-17

[maybe break your back, maybe knock you out (Hugh/Callum)] (58K)
Written with justbreathe80: Hugh gives Callum shit every time Callum hooks up with some new chick, mocks him for it, calls them Callum's fag hags. The thing is, though, he knows Callum's actually fucking them.NC-17

[mystery to me (Hugh/Callum)] (25K)
"Callum, wake up, you fucker, and call me. I think I'm pregnant." NC-17

[Quick (Hugh/Callum)] (7K)
For Canadian Blowjob Day 2006. NC-17

[Where Does It Go When It's Gone? (Hugh/Callum](15K)
Written for Pretty Lights 2005: Hugh has a dirtier mouth, but Callum's mind is right there in the gutter, and the two of them can trade insults and stories that drive everyone else away from them. Which is pretty much just how Hugh likes it. NC-17

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