Give and Take

by brooklinegirl (witchbaby)



Just a slashy vignette…

“Don’t start.”

Murdock’s lips nudged at the side of Face’s neck again, breath hot against his skin.

“Murdock. Don’t start. They’ll be back any minute.”

“But Facey.” Murdock’s voice was husky and slow, with more than a little bit of drawl to it. Deep and teasing, the syllables rumbling against Face’s neck. “We don’t ever get enough time together. Shouldn’t we put every moment to—um—good use?”

Now his lips were softly sucking at the skin on Face’s neck. Face sighed and tried to focus on the report he was supposed to be studying for leads on the Jamro case. Hannibal and BA were off planting a bug in Mr. Jamro’s office, leaving the two of them in the van alone.

Murdock’s lips were insistent. He knew what he was doing. Face involuntarily pressed his head back against the seat, closing his eyes as Murdock found a particularly vulnerable spot. He felt Murdock’s lips curve into a smile against his neck.

Irritated at giving in so easily (too easily—damn, Murdock could be more convincing than the conman himself sometimes), Face shrugged him off and, shaking his head, tried to ignore the increasing throbbing in his cock, tried to focus. They had a job to do, and this wasn’t making it any easier.

Murdock was working his way back up Face’s neck. Face tried to ignore him, to ignore how fast his heart was beating. Tried to make his voice stern. “You enjoy this, don’t you, getting me all worked up and then—ooohhh” He moaned as Murdock sucked strongly on his earlobe. Dammit, this wasn’t FAIR.

Murdock’s voice, soft, teasing, in his ear. “Facey—“ he breathed.

With a frustrated growl, Face flung the report to the floor of the van and whirled on Murdock, who pulled back, startled. Face lunged forward and pressed up against the other man, almost straddling him in his seat. He pressed his lips hard against Murdock’s, forcing his tongue in, delving. Murdock, after a moment of shock, eagerly met Face’s tongue with his own.

Face pressed his thigh up between Murdock’s legs and rubbed against the pilot’s own firm erection. He moved up and down against him, urgently, grabbing Murdock’s hand and pulling it to his own aching cock. Murdock moaned hard into Face’s mouth, undone completely by this barrage to his senses. He pressed his palm against the front of Face’s pants, thrust up urgently against Face’s thigh, small sounds of desperate wanting coming from his throat.

Face pressed his lips against Murdock’s ear and, breath coming harsh and hot, growled, “I want you, hard against me, hard inside me, all mine, god, so bad.” He traced his tongue down Murdock’s neck and then bit down gently where it met his shoulder. Murdock growled in his ear, “Oh god, oh yes, oh Face—“

Abruptly, Face pulled back and was back in his own seat. A quick brush of his hand sent his unruly blond locks back into place. He retrieved the report folder from the floor of the van.

Murdock, panting, stared across at him incredulously. Face gave him a quick glance and grinning mercilessly, blew him a kiss. He returned to the report, the folder nicely hiding his aroused state, just as the front doors opened and Hannibal and BA slid into the front seat of the van.

Murdock quickly pulled himself together, pulling his cap down to hide his flushed face and crossing his legs. He glared at Face from under the brim, and Face, refusing got look over at him, felt his lips curving helplessly into a smirk, and he snickered at Murdock’s putout attitude.

Hannibal turned around as BA peeled out of the parking lot.

“Something amusing, Lieutenant?”

Face looked up at his colonel, allowing the grin to spread across his face. “Oh, no, not really, Hannibal.” He tapped the report folder. “It’s just amazing, the stuff people try to get away with.”

Murdock let out a groan and his head sank into his hands. Hannibal looked back and forth at the two. There was definitely some joke here that he just wasn’t getting. But on second thought—maybe he was better off not knowing. He studied Face’s innocent smile for a moment longer, then turned back around to light his cigar, not missing Murdock reaching over to slap at Face’s head, and Face’s soft laughter as he pushed his hair back into place.

Yep. Definitely better off not knowing.


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