by brooklinegirl



Tiny little tiny little tiny little ficlet. Because I'm bored bored bored and cannot stop thinking about Ray's crotch.

Fraser was just looking at him, stunned.

Ray tilted back in his chair defiantly and raised an eyebrow at him.

Fraser. Looking at him. Stunned.



Nothing. Guy was obviously in shock. Question was, the good or the bad kind? “Um. Fraser?”

Fraser shook his head quickly, snapping back. “Yes, Ray?” he answered. Involuntarily polite.


“You doing okay there?” Ray’s heart was beating pretty fast. Waiting sucked.

“Yes, Ray, I’m fine.” Again with the involuntary. “I apologize for my lack of focus." Fraser blinked several times very quickly. "I’m endeavoring to think of a - have you had a blow to the head recently?”

Ray refused to take his eyes off Fraser, though he did let his chair tilt back more precariously. He shook his head very slowly. “Nope.”

“Delusions, then? Seeing things? Spots or...something?” Fraser’s voice sounded slightly wild as he grasped at these straws, and Ray’s heart sank.

He made his voice hard as he answered this time. Because - fuck. “Nope.”

“You are aware that you just kissed me, right?” Fraser's voice broke on the word "kissed," edging past wild towards something like desperate.

Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. Ray’s chin came up. He glowered. “Yep.”

“Oh.” Fraser’s hand, when it came up to skate over his eyebrow, was shaking.

Fuck this. Just - just fuck it. Ray let his chair fall forward with a bang. “Forget it, Frase, okay? Don’t worry about it. It’s not like it meant anything, it was just a kiss, for Christ’s sake. Jesus.”

What the hell did he even want from this? Forget it. Just - fucking forget it. He got to his feet, trying to keep it cool, trying to pretend that his hands weren’t shaking as hard as Fraser's.

Almost got out of the interview room before he felt a strong hand on his shoulder, tugging him around, then pressing him hard up against the door. Fraser’s body - heavy, hot, so damn hot, holding him there. Hot-hot-hot lips against his, then Fraser’s tongue licking its way in.

Ray’s hands were raised to push Fraser back involuntarily, but instead ended up clutching at the rough serge covering Fraser’s broad shoulders, holding on tight and wondering wildly if Fraser was right, if he had somehow suffered a blow to the head and forgotten about it maybe, because this was - Christ, this was something else. Out of this world.

Fraser pulled his mouth away from Ray’s. Pressed his forehead, sweaty, against Ray’s. His breath came in soft gasps as he said, “It’s not like this means anything, right?”

Ray, so confused, so close to Fraser, could only shake his head. “What?” he managed.

“That’s what you said. Those are your words, Ray. This doesn’t mean anything.” Fraser kissed him again, roughly. Ray kissed him back, could do nothing else.

"It doesn't mean anything?" Fraser asked again, intently, against his lips, as he dropped his hand to the crotch of Ray's pants, stroked against Ray's erection. "This doesn't mean anything?"

"No, I mean - no…" But Fraser was still stroking his cock, and he couldn't think, dammit, couldn't breathe.

"Are you sure?" And Fraser sounded - hungry. Needy. Maybe - wishful.

Before Ray could think, what came out was, "No." Not at all sure.

And then Fraser was kissing him again. Fraser's tongue was in his mouth, and he still couldn't breathe, didn't want to breathe, didn't need to breathe, and...

Fraser pulled away. "Because I think I'd like it to mean...something."

And all Ray could do was nod. "Yeah. Yeah. Me, too, Fraser, me too..."

Only he hadn't meant to say that, hadn't meant to fucking tell, but Fraser had a way of getting things out of him, Fraser had made a technique out of interrogating him, and he should have known that, should have know that no way, no way he could stand up to it.

And so when Fraser broke the kiss again to whisper, "Are you sure?", all Ray could say was yes, and yes, and yes.


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