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DS Fic Recs

Callum's Hands


[All I Need Is Everything] (2K)
Porn Challenge, F/K: He licks my lips like they taste sweet.

[Bad Behavior] (15K)
Icon Challenge, F/K: He likes watching me smoke. He likes the way that shiner he gave me looks. Makes that pristine-Mountie image a tiny bit dingy and I think I like that.

[The Bed Tonight] (22K)
Whomping Fraser Challenge, F/K: This stuff isn't usual for him. Me, shit like this happens all the time, and half the time it's me who started the fight.

[Behold the Power of Cheese](24K)
Turnbull's Love of Cheese Challenge. F/K: Takes place during "Asylum." Fraser loves Ray, and Turnbull loves - cheese.

[Bent] (23K)
Lay or Lie Challenge, F/K: "You, my friend, lie about everything," said Ray.

[the best part you ain't got to yet] (3K)
Ficlet for tx tart, F/K: This is what Fraser has only recently learned about Ray Kowalski.

[Changing Channels] (15K)
F/K: Stella cleared her throat. "When did you and he, um." Start dating? Start fucking? Get gay?

[Cool in the Backseat] (37K)
Public Sex Challenge, F/K: "Fraser." I take a deep breath, trying to control my tone. "Get in the car." He straightens up and shakes his head, looking sort of scared for just a second before pasting a smile on. "Oh, no, we're practically there already, Ray, only another 26 and a half blocks to goÖ"

[Cross-Examination] (4K)
F/K: ďForget it, Frase, okay? Donít worry about it. Itís not like it meant anything, it was just a kiss, for Christís sake. Jesus.Ē

[Details] (11K)
For the First Lines Challenge: Ray's learning to live in Canada, but he's not in tune with it, not like he was with Chicago.

[Distraction] (4K)
F/K: He stood firmly straight and took aim, and just as he threw, he felt Ray edge up closer behind him. Fraser's dart landed towards the edge of the board.

[Ex Libris] (13K)
F/K: If this were a romance novel, Fraser thinks now, his life would be easier, and in general a lot more fun, and the hand stroking him right now would not be his own.

[Finally] (11K)
F/K: It's all about the sex right now, and those years of waiting add up to the best fucking foreplay there ever was

[Finding Balance] (16K)
Canoe Challenge, F/K: "Whatever, Fraser. Doesnít change the fact that we'll have wild animals hunting us down while we're vacationing in goddamn Quetico, wherever the fuck Quetico isÖ" "Canada, Ray." "Thanks, Fraser, I get that."

[Five Sets of Five Things] (13K)
Fraser/Kowalski, Kowalski/Vecchio: Five Sets of Five Things.

[The Flag] (8K)
F/K: Dude, this was my first DS story ever! Two years gone, and Ray Vecchio comes back, and things are much more complicated that they ever were before, but he was easy, wasnít he?

[Forty Below] (8K)
Get Fraser Laid, F/K: Everything moves real slow when it's forty below. ("Canadian Dream," The Sam Roberts Band)

[Four Leaf Clover] (34K)
RayK97s Ficathon. F/K, K/Stella, K/m: Ray Kowalski's own particular brand of luck apparently wasn't so good anymore. He was gonna do things differently from now on, by the book.

[Fuck It All and No Regrets] (16K)
F/K: "Look, it's my job, you know that, I know that, remember? Uniforms, like capes, like you said, like we're goddamn heroes, right?"

[Girls Girls Girls] (26K)
Genderfuck Challenge, F/K: Ray was vaguely annoyed at Fraser for liking the fact that - for reasons that didn't need exploring at this goddamn juncture - Ray had breasts.

[Half a Chance] (66K)
F/K: Ray found that, over time, he had developed deep and meaningful feelings for Canada. Not just because of the blowjobs, but that was definitely part of it.

[Here Where This Place Is ] (7K)
Fuck or Die Challenge, F/K:Fraser needs - hell, I don't know what Fraser needs, but it's something other than what he's getting. Chicago, and the heat, and the job, and the summer - I think it's killing him.

[Hidden Charms] (10K)
For DS Flashfiction, F/K: Really, it was the snoring that finally made me snap.

[Intimations] (28K)
F/K: Fraser watches Ray watching Hoosiers.

[Learning Curve] (11K)
For Stop Drop Porn. F/K: Ray has always wanted to suck cock. He just never actually got the opportunity.

[Lipstick Vogue] (13K)
F/K, crossdressing.

[Long Way Home] (9K)
Necking Challenge, F/K: He thought sometimes, afterwards, that what happened with Victoria was proof enough that he, of all people, should leave well enough alone.

[ love is just like breathing] (36K)
F/K: They'd been doing that quick, gasping, hot hot sex thing for about three weeks now and never once gotten any closer to a bed than, say, Ray's couch.

[Necessity] (9K)
Fraser/Fraser's right hand: He could, as a rule, take care of this in a timely manner, simply allow the necessary release and get on with things.

[never ever saw you] (16K)
For Stop Drop Porn, F/K: Fraser and Ray have sex in a lot of not-so-private places.

[Obvious] (8K)
F/K: Ray found himself in the men's room, clutching the sides of the sink and staring at himself in the mirror again with determined desperation. "Not at all attracted," he tried, and that was an outright lie; he could see it in his own eyes.

[Open All Night] (15K)
Clichť Challenge, F/K: Some guys, they go home and crash, when they get this drunk. Me, I go to Canada.

[Play the Part] (16K)
For Stop Drop Porn, F/K: "There are many types of role-playing that healthy, sexually active couples find fulfilling."

[Polite] (4K)
Canadian Blowjob Day, F/K: Fraser wants Ray to ask nice.

[Porn. Just - porn] (17K)
Sequel to "Without Reservations", Fraser/Kowalski: I manage to keep my hands off him till we get to the bedroom.

[Probability] (7K)
F/K: "Fraser, there a reason why you jump in front of moving cars that you maybe want to tell me about?"

[Reading Between the Lines] (27K)
Document Challenge, F/K: ďItís a diary, Fraser. What are you, a teenage girl?Ē

[Roughed Up] (15K)
F/K: Slutty Ray getting Fraser all hot and bothered.

[Slippery] (15K)
For Stop Drop Porn, F/K: First, he had more goddamn self-control than Kowalski, and second, no way, no way was he jerking off in another guy's shower.

[Some Like It Both Ways] (10K)
For the Badfic Challenge: After "Some Like it Red" FRASER decides that he wants to be a woman forever. He goes to the nearest Vodun community to see what they can do. He meets KOWALSKI and they fall madly and deeply in love. But oh no, the RayK has no idea Fraser's not what he seems. What happens when VECCHIO appears and pregnancy is involved?

[The Space Between] (4K)
Mendacity challenge, F/K: "Francesca hardly constitutes the entire precinct, Ray." "Mouth like she's got, you may as well have sent out a memo."

[Spring] (3K)
Make Spring Sexy ficlet, F/K: Spring is when Fraser's heart aches the most and he gets distracted, lost, in thoughts of the North

[a state of mind that no one knows] (20K)
For DS Seekrit Santa 2006, F/K: Ray finds out about Fraser's kink.

[Telling] (12K)
NaÔve Fraser challenge, F/K: I forgot what it was like to do this, to ride this knife's edge of being so goddamn horny all the damn time that I can hardly think.

[They Eat Pizza, Don't They?] (168 K)
The Pizza AU, F/K: Ray was trying not to think on it too close. Because it sounded like a truly terrible romance book. Or maybe a sitcom: Canadian Mountie Falls for Chicago Pizza Maker! Wackiness Ensues!

[Touch] (17K)
F/K: It wasn't that he couldn't stop thinking about jerking off - he just couldnít stop thinking about Fraser jerking off.

[Train Job] (24K)
F/K: "I ever tell you about the last time I was on a train?"

[True Colours] (9K)
180 Degree Challenge, F/K: Fraser, without his hat. With a beer. My mind is so not keeping up with the weirdness here.

[Uninvited] (16K)
Keys Challenge, F/K: And if he's just stringing me along because I'm supposed to be this Vecchio guy, well, then, fuck that. We can just be partners, or what's the word, liaisons, and that'll be enough to keep his friend alive.

[Up Against the Wall] (2K)
F/K: I need to do this quick here, because his eyes are wandering again, focusing in on my mouth, and his hand is in my hair, tugging my head forward as he licks his lips.

[Until It Sleeps] (9K)
Darkness Challenge, F/K: I fucked up, big time. Got fucked over by Franklin, sure, but that was payback, no more than I deserved. Going to see Beth Botrelle was another sort of payback, but I deserved that more than anything.

[What We Talk About] (23K)
Door Challenge, F/K: Thereís a scar, high on his temple, and it looks a little silver in the moonlight.

[Wager] (15K)
F/K: Playing poker for air, how queer is that?

[Without Reservations] (17K)
Many Tongues Challenge, F/K: "Your theory doesn't make any sense! There's no logic there, none at all, it doesn't make any sense!"


[Christmas in Chicago] (6K)
Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio: The first Christmas in Chicago.

[ Long Road (Long Ride Home )] (287K)
NaNo 2006. Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio: It occurred to Ray that, just as he'd expected Fraser to be there in Chicago when he got back, his mind had also erased any trace of Kowalski from the picture. That if he just left the two of them alone long enough, Kowalski would fade back into whatever alley he had come from and that would be that.

[Parameters] (18K)
Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, for the Gross Out Challenge: "Your owner will seriously lick anything," he informed the wolf solemnly. Dief sat down and panted at him judgmentally. "Yeah, well, your opinion doesn't count for much," Ray responded. "Look at where you lick.

[Sunday Mornings] (32K)
Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio: Coffee and doughnuts and morning sex.


[Backward Glance] (18K)
Vecchio Challege: Ray Vecchio has been in love five times.

[Easy] (11K)
Jewelry Challenge, Kowalski/Vecchio: When Kowalski gets in a mood like this, it's usually best to just go with it.

[Eight Ball, Corner Pocket ] (12K)
Kowalski/Vecchio: Ray looked at Vecchio, in his nice suit in a trashy bar, and opened his mouth to ask. Only what came out wasn't, 'You're supposed to be in Florida' but instead, "I'm supposed to be in Canada."

[Eyeliner and Attitude] (13K)
SDP, Kowalski/Vecchio: "When Ray Kowalski was thirty-seven, he walked through the door of the bar with a little bit of eyeliner and not a lot of attitude.

[Fine Line] (10K)
Scars Challenge, Kowalski/Vecchio: I'm coming up to the turn when I hear Ray yell out, "Gun!" I hear the blast at what feels like the exact same moment, and turn the corner just in time to see Ray go down hard.

[Five Sets of Five Things] (13K)
Fraser/Kowalski, Kowalski/Vecchio: Five Sets of Five Things.

[florida] (29K)
For Vecchiofest, Kowalski/Vecchio: Isnít it hard sometimes? Isnít it lonely?How I still hang around here, thereís nothing to hold me.

[Gas Food Lodging] (37K)
Anywhere But Here Challenge, Kowalski/Vecchio: Vecchio glanced over at him, eyebrows raised. "What, you're having fun? This is a good time for you? Driving through Hicksville in the fucking rain and crashing at two-bit places where we're lucky they have running water?"

[The Hard Way] (6K)
DS Undercover Fic, Kowalski/Vecchio, by way of Fraser: Not obvious - not really, and not what I would call affection - but it's there, and I can see it. How easy it is between them, and in those gazes they exchange, how they are more than friends.

[(I Love It When You) Call Me Names] (16K)
Kowalski/Vecchio: It wasn't like anything was smooth and easy between them. They fought about absolutely everything. Anything.

[In a Little While] (54K)
Johnny Cash ficathon. Kowalski/Vecchio: See, that was the thing: Vecchio always had to go.

[Looking for a Place to Happen] (32K)
Kowalski/Vecchio: Vecchio was looking at him funny. Again. "Kowalski," he said. "You're acting crazy. Crazier," he corrected himself, leaning back and looking at Ray with a tilt of his head. "You need to chill out. Or get laid."

[Not That Easy] (22K)
DS Seekrit Santa Fic, Kowalski/Vecchio: "I can't help but think that maybe cold turkey is the way to go when it comes to separating yourself from Benton Fraser."

[Only a State of Mind] (11K)
Kowalski/Vecchio: Ray was pretty damn sure that Vecchio was straight.

[Out] (10K)
Kowalski/Vecchio: Five minutes after I tried to hit Vecchio, I had him up against the wall in the supply closet with my tongue down his throat

[Side of the Road] (12K)
Necking Challenge, Kowalski/Vecchio: A car skidded to a stop and pulled off to park right in front of the shit-box. Not just any car. A GTO. A black GTO. A black 1967 GTO. "Of course," Vecchio muttered to himself around his hand. "Naturally. Why not."

[Take Another Road] (189K)
NaNo 2007 fic. Kowalski/Vecchio: Ray stared out the front windshield, wishing he had never heard of road trips, or Ray Kowalski, or Benton Fraser, for that matter.

[Take It Outside] (19K)
Kaleidoscope Eyes Challenge, Kowalski/Vecchio (my first Kowalski/Vecchio!): It was past midnight and becoming really obvious that by now they were arguing for the sake of arguing.

Other Pairings

[Alone So Far] (36K)
For Get Fraser Laid. Fraser/Hugh Dillon: Constable Fraser responds to a report of a drunk and disorderly incident at a Headstones concert.

[Bonspiel] (9K)
Turnbull/Kowalski: a.k.a.: "please god - kill me now" or "brooklinegirl needs a fucking lobotomy" or "look what blg made estrella beta for her" or "estrella defriends brooklinegirl."

[Calling It Quits] (7K)
Summer of '79 Challenge, Kowalski/Stella: Heís young. He thinks he knows all there is to know, but itís not enough.

[Driven] (13K)
Summer of '79 Challenge, Kowalski/m: Tony watches me out of the corner of his eye as he smokes, and I think he knows what Iím thinking, about him and Rachel, me and Stella.

[Getting Used to Leaving] (26K)
Written for DS Seekrit Santa 2005. Kowalski/Gardino: It got so going back to the academy on Sunday night was a relief.

[It Never Rains But It Pours] (26K)
For Get Frannie Laid, Frannie/RayK, Frannie/Elaine, Frannie/Turnbull: It had been four years, eight months, and sixteen days since Frannie had had sex. How depressing was that?

[Less Than You Think] (13K)
Kowalski/Gardino: Gardino was a goof. Everyone knew that.

[Love and Glory] (8K)
For Stop Drop Porn, Ray Vecchio/Special Agent Suzanne Chapin: One thing Ray had (finally) learned was that Suzanne Chapin always knew more about what was going on than he did.

[Outside Looking In] (19K)
For Stop Drop Porn, Fraser/Stella: Stella Kowalski is everything Ray Kowalski is not.

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