Brooklinegirl's (aka witchbaby's) Tour of Duty Slash Fic

Brooklinegirl's (aka witchbaby's) Tour of Duty Slash Fic

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[Close to Me] (44K)
Myron/Zeke: Myron's in a downward spiral and there's only one person who can fix things. NC-17

[Come See About Me] (35K)
Myron/Zeke: A long, hot night and Zeke has a lot on his mind. PG-13.

[The Difference Between Sensuous and Sexy] (22K)
Johnny/Myron: McKay is watching me from his bunk. Silent, just watching through the dark. Heís been here before. Iíve seen him here before. NC-17.

[Hearts of Stone] (3K)
Myron/Zeke: An addendum to "Green Christmas." Response to the Holiday Challenge over at Notes. Maybe being alone is the hard part. Maybe this is worth it. G.

[If Only In My Dreams] (3K)
A series of Christmas vignettes for my favorite slashers. PG.

[I'm On Fire] (39K)
Myron/Zeke: Zeke, awake after curfew, hot and sweaty and wondering just what it is about the sparks that fly between his LT and Johnny McKay. NC-17.

[In the Midnight Hour] (16K)
Myron/Zeke: sequel to Come See About Me and Slip Away. How was it possible that theyíd not always been doing this? NC-17.

[Lonely Too Long] (20K)
Myron/Zeke: Itís easy to get lost and sometimes you just canít find something to hold onto. PG-13.

[Promise] (2K)
Myron/Zeke: Response to the Sin City Challenge over at Notes. Make the best of a bad situation. Itís all you can ever do.

[Reason to Believe] (15K)
Myron/Zeke: sequel to Lonely Too Long. Sometimes what you have to do is to give yourself over to this and to hell with the consequences. NC-17.

[Rough Boys] (17K)
Myron/Johnny: I'm baiting him because it's what I'm good at and I'm thinking it's what he wants. He gets into my space like this, it means he's looking to blow off some steam. NC-17.

[Slip Away] (21K)
Myron/Zeke: sequel to Come See About Me. A warm night, a closed door, and energy to burn. . R.

[Something About Love] (8K)
Myron/Zeke: It was never easy for him to let his front down. PG.

[You Were On My Mind] (11K)
Johnny/Myron: Myron's caught up in his thoughts tonight. NC-17.

[Winter] (17K)
Myron/Zeke: : Itís Christmas, and I need to be okay, need to be fine, need to be strong and sure and here. But Iím smoking too much, though Iím trying to stop, and drinking too much, though Iím trying to stop that as well. R.

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