It Started With a Kiss

by brooklinegirl (witchbaby)



Stop it with “the lanky pilot”! And the gazing. And the crying like bitches. And throbbing cocks? Seriously?

Face found himself once again restraining the impulse to run his hand along Murdock's cheek. This was so hard. He didn't know if he was going to be able to do it. He was good, he thought, at hiding his feelings. Tell someone how you really felt about them, and all it did was give them ammunition to hurt you. But last night with Murdock, he had left himself open; he had let his true feelings out. He had refused to think, he’d just felt, and he’d given Murdock everything: his love, his soul, his trust.

It all started with a kiss.

Face refused to admit anything for the longest time, even to himself. Face was good at denial, practiced at denial; he wrapped himself in it. If you didn't betray your emotions, you didn't get hurt. Scam, trick, lie: all of these were things you could walk away from. Love, trust, feel and, well, you left yourself open and you got hurt. That's the way it worked. Face was a soldier; he wasn't about to leave a flank unguarded.

But then last night. He had woken from a nap, sprawled on the couch, all defenses relaxed. Woke to find Murdock perched on the arm of the couch at his feet, gazing at him with those enormously deep brown eyes. Disarmed, Face smiled sleepily at waking to the same person he had been dreaming about. Without warning, Murdock had slid to the floor beside the couch and was beside him. Face's heart sped up, his mouth was dry, and suddenly it was happening. He was still unsure as to who had made the first move, but all at once they were kissing as though life itself depended upon it.

All Face had been aware of at that moment was how right it felt.

They finally broke apart, gasping, and Murdock looked terrified at how Face might react to what had just occurred. He stayed kneeling beside Face, refusing to break eye contact. Face was frozen, silent, unable to move, unable to think, trying to process what had just happened. Murdock, a scared look on his face, had said, "Face," his voice breaking at the end. And it hit Face. He finally realized what he suspected he should have known all along. What he had been searching for, unknowing, was right there in front of him all the time. If only he had not been so blind, for so long.

Murdock finally pulled away, curling in upon himself, wrapping his arms around his legs. Face realized that Murdock had been as afraid to try as Face himself had, but had garnered the courage, and now thought that he had made a bad decision. The feelings garnered by the kiss had assured Face that it was an altogether good decision, and Face reached toward Murdock, trying to relay this information to him. His hand caressed Murdock's cheek and Murdock looked up, startled, not yet altogether ready to believe.

Murdock stuttered, "Face, I just, you looked so, and I just couldn't, I'm sorry.."

Face interrupted with a soft, "Are you really sorry?"

Murdock stopped, surprised. "Well. Um, only if you didn't like..."

Once again Face interrupted. "I liked." He was staring at Murdock with those never-ending blue eyes. Murdock's heart was racing and he found himself unconsciously leaning in towards Face. Face's gaze never wavered as he reached forward and pulled Murdock up on the couch next to him. Murdock's breath came faster. He was sitting so close, he could feel the heat from Face's body and Face was looking at him with those eyes. It was almost electric and Murdock couldn't think, couldn't move. And Face was suddenly there, returning the kiss, kissing the hell out of him, brave now, his tongue probing, searching. He tasted sweet, so sweet.

The phone rang but the two men on the couch didn't even hear it. They were wrapped up in each other, enthralled, and Murdock was pushing Face back onto the couch, still kissing him hungrily. The phone rang again, and then a third time, and finally they heard and managed to struggle out of their embrace. Face cursed, reaching back to answer it.

"What. Now? No, fine, okay. Okay. Yeah. On our way." He slammed the phone down with an exasperated sigh and turned to Murdock.

"Hannibal?" Murdock asked.

"Yep," Face responded, getting up and grabbing their jackets.

"Decker spot him?"

"Yep." Face tossed Murdock his jacket, and slipped into his own black leather jacket.

"Damn. It's all in the timing, isn't it?"

"Yep." As Murdock shrugged into his jacket, Face stepped in close, slid his arms in to enclose the slim waist under the brown leather and drew Murdock in for a fierce kiss. They broke apart, looked at each other for a moment, their eyes making a promise for later. They made their way quickly out the door and scrambled down the back stairs, sprinting to meet Hannibal.


Now it was a full three days later. Face and Murdock had had only scant moments alone the entire time. Decker had kept them constantly on the move. For those three days, they had managed to keep up front for BA and Hannibal, joking back and forth perhaps a bit more gleefully than usual, Face assisting Murdock in his usual harassment of BA. In the back seat, they communicated with each other through meaningful glances, glances they thought escaped Hannibal's notice.

Face sighed and shifted in his seat. Murdock glanced over once again, flashing him that wonderful smile, then casually reached over and squeezed his arm. Even that touch was enough to start Face's heart pounding. Murdock pulled his hand back slowly, the touch turning into a subtle caress. Face glanced over at him and Murdock gave him a quick look filled with longing. Then the moment was over and Face felt agitated once again, longing to be alone with the lanky pilot.

Hannibal glanced back in the rearview mirror. "Something wrong, lieutenant?"

Face jumped, startled. "No, Hannibal, just tired of being cooped up. I think Decker's finally given up, for now at least. Could we possibly give up too? For now at least?"

Hannibal puffed at his cigar and took a look around. There'd been no sign of Decker for several hours. "BA, why don't you head back to the city? Murdock, we can drop you at the VA."

Face quickly broke in. "Colonel, the latest scam was for Murdock to travel to Boston as the star attraction at a psychiatric conference. Murdock needed a break from the VA, and since Richter's on vacation this week..." Face shrugged, hoping he sounded more casual than he felt. "I've got the Peterson's beach house as a back-up, since Decker found the other apartment. I thought I'd let Murdock come back there with me for the rest of the week."

Hannibal threw him a questioning look over his shoulder. Face shrugged again.

Face felt Murdock's eyes on him but wouldn't let himself look back, knowing that one glance into those chocolate-brown eyes and he would melt, his feelings all over his face for anyone to see. He could feel Murdock grinning at him, the crazy man's glee a palpable thing.

BA intoned from the front seat, "You crazy yourself, letting that fool stay with you." He shook his head, snarling, never taking his eyes off the road.

Face directed BA to the beach house and opened the door as the van pulled to a stop. He leaned back as Murdock leapt out ahead of him. Face followed the pilot out at an only slightly more sedate pace, pulling the van door shut behind him. He gave a smile to Hannibal and Hannibal grinned back at him, a cigar clenched between his teeth. "Have a good few days off, kid. You'll hear from us if we spot Decker."

"Sounds good, Colonel." Face smiled absently, his eyes following Murdock as he leapt crazily about, hoisting himself over the railing to the porch, peering curiously through the windows. Hannibal signaled to BA to drive off. Face never even noticed the van leaving.


Face loved the antics of the crazy pilot, couldn't wait to kiss that warm mouth again. He swung up the steps and Murdock turned towards him, a sweet, open smile on his face. "Hey," he said softly..

"Hey yourself," said Face, smiling back.

Murdock reached forward and brushed the hair back out of Face's eyes and Face felt himself literally tremble at the touch. They were standing quite close. Murdock took the keys out of Face's hands and half-turned, unlocked the door, then said, "How 'bout we go inside?" Taking Face's hand, Murdock drew him through the door, shutting it tight behind them.


Alone at last. Face couldn't restrain himself and pulled Murdock into a kiss. He kissed him hard, holding nothing back. He delved deep into Murdock's mouth, probing with his tongue, the sweet, musky taste of the other man driving him wild, draining him of the tension of the past few days, the past few years. Murdock responded eagerly and Face found himself held tight in Murdock's arms, wrapped in his embrace.

They broke apart, both of them gasping for breath.

Murdock looked at Face with those wide, honest eyes. "Face, I been waiting for you for so long, baby, too long. I know I shouldn't say it, it's too soon to say it, but I...I love you, Face, I do, loved you for so long, so much it hurts, and..."

"Shh, shh." Face silenced him, covering his face with kisses, kissing his mouth, his cheeks, his eyes. "Shh, I know, I know, don't be so afraid, I love you, too, I just didn't know, I had no idea. I'm so glad you kissed me, so glad."

Face was trying hard to be honest, with himself and with Murdock, a trait that did not come easily to him. He was scared of being rejected, if not now, then in the future. But he felt that if there was one person he could risk this with, one person he'd be willing to take this risk for, it was Murdock.

Murdock pulled Face over to the couch and they were kissing once again. Face felt himself pushed down onto the couch. Murdock was on top of him, the taller man's body fitting naturally over his own. Their kisses became more passionate, Murdock's tongue plunging into Face's mouth, his hands tightening on Face's hips.

Face kissed back, surprised at his body's reaction to the kisses. He was wound in Murdock's arms, caught up in the moment. He was reveling in the feeling of Murdock's embrace, of Murdock focusing solely on him, of the sheer love that he felt from Murdock's words and actions. Face wanted to give in to the feelings but now that it was all becoming real - the event at his apartment three days ago seemed like a dream - he felt his hesitation returning.

Murdock pulled back from the kiss, and looked down at Face. "Face. What's wrong? Anything you don't want, we won't do, I promise you. I just want to be with you, Face."

Face could see the concern in Murdock's eyes and felt Murdock begin to pull away. Scared as he was, Face didn't want that. He pulled Murdock back towards him. A bit apprehensive now, Murdock settled in against Face's body and sent him a worry-filled gaze.

Face swallowed, trying to find the words. "Murdock, it's just...I want..." He sighed. It all seemed terribly complicated to explain.

Murdock said, seriously, "Face, out with it. Tell me."

Face, exasperated with himself, responded harshly, "Fine. If I love you, if I really let myself fall in love with you, you'll just... It will all fall apart. It's what happens, you'll....things won't work out."

Face's eyes clouded with tears and he couldn't see Murdock's expression. But he felt Murdock pull him close, felt Murdock's hand on his cheek. "Faceguy." Face didn't open his eyes. "Hey. In all these years, all this time, have I ever left you? Ever? I was just waitin' for you to come to me. Now that you're finally here, I ain't never lettin' you go."

Murdock looked down at Face, badly wanting to kiss the young lieutenant but not wanting to spook him. He settled for stroking Face's cheek with his thumb, his other hand lightly caressing Face's chest. He was rewarded when Face's eyes opened and he finally looked at Murdock.

"You really mean that, don't you?" Face asked, a tear escaping from his eye.

Murdock was astounded that Face would think any differently of him. "’Course I do, Face," he said gently.

Something in Face's eyes shifted, leaving Face exposed, his feelings of hope and fear and love clear to Murdock. He reached up behind Murdock's back with both arms and pulled the lanky pilot down close to him. He kissed him, kissed him hard, and Murdock returned the kiss with fervor. The two men were breathless when they came up for air and Murdock said, his voice husky, "Face, I love you, heart and soul. And right now, I just want to show you how much I love you, and..."

"Murdock," Face interrupted. "Shut up and kiss me."

Murdock grinned and gladly complied.

The kissing grew more intense; there was no holding back now after three days of restraint, trying to hide their new relationship from Hannibal and BA. For three days there had been nothing but meaningful glances, casual touches, and the occasional moment alone; quick, hot kisses that ended before they had even really begun.

But now. On the couch, their bodies pressed together, their tongues entwined, wrapped up in the kisses, wrapped up in each other. Murdock pulled back for just a moment, and Face moaned. Murdock shifted slightly lower on the couch and kissed the spot where Face's shirt was open at the throat. Face moaned louder, felt his pulse racing, his erection hard and aching.

He could feel Murdock's breath burn against his skin as the captain planted hot, wet kisses down his chest, slowly unbuttoning his shirt with trembling fingers as he shifted further down the couch. He reached the edge of Face's jeans and pulled his shirt out of his jeans, running his fingers over the tanned skin of Face's belly and back. Face shivered at the touch and arched his back, his erection pressing hard against his jeans. Murdock swallowed, seeming suddenly nervous, and made his way back up to kiss Face's lips. He reached down and stroked Face's cock through the jeans and even that touch made Face moan loudly. He could feel Murdock's erection pressing against his thigh and Murdock's voice was breathy as he asked, "Face, I just want to make sure." He swallowed. "You ever done this before?" Before Face could respond, he quickly finished, "’Cause I haven't, you've kind of been the only one for me for a real long time."

Hearing Murdock say that made Face glow with happiness and he pressed up against Murdock, the thought of this being the first time for them both exciting him even more. He wanted Murdock more than he had ever wanted anyone and he knew that it was right, this love between the two of them. "No, Murdock," he breathed. "I haven't, but I want this, I want you, so very much." He smiled up at Murdock. "I'm sure we'll figure it out."

"Okay, then." Murdock stroked Face's cock through his jeans, then slowly unbuttoned the top of the jeans. "We'll just do what feels right." He gradually tugged down the zipper. Face felt like he was on fire, felt like he was going to die if Murdock didn't touch him. Then Murdock's hand was on him, stroking him, and Face was moaning uncontrollably, desperately wanting more. Murdock was kissing his face, his throat, his neck, and finally Face gasped, "We need more room. I want to feel you all over me."

Murdock nodded and rolled off of Face, pulled him off the couch, and pushed him towards the bedroom.

Face allowed himself to be pushed, Murdock walking behind him, his hands traveling down Face's shoulders, to the small of his back, then down to his ass, touching, exploring, encouraging him onwards. As they cleared the door to the bedroom, Face felt Murdock suddenly pressed up against him, urging him forward; felt Murdock's lips on the back of his neck, his hands working their way from his ass, to his hips, to the mostly-open front of his pants, stroking his aching erection, already leaking pre-come.

"Murdock," Face murmured, leaning back into the other man, pressing his ass against him, feeling Murdock's hardness. Still working Face's dick, slowly stroking up and down, occasionally running his thumb over its tip, Murdock continued exploring Face's neck with his mouth and tongue, sucking the skin lightly into his mouth. Face moaned as Murdock's hot breath burned into the side of his neck. He pressed back harder.

Murdock gasped at the pressure of Face's ass against his cock and Face, emboldened, rubbed back against him, eliciting even more moans from Murdock. "Face, god, I want you so bad." He released Face's cock, and Face moaned softly, "Dear lord, don't stop now!"

Murdock chuckled and ran gentle fingers up Face's stomach and chest, pausing to circle his sensitive nipples. Face moaned, “Murdock, bed, now."

Face swiftly turned around, still in Murdock's arms and kissed the other man hard on the lips, delving deep with his tongue before breaking away, gasping, to reach between them and pull off Murdock's t-shirt. Murdock pushed Face's unbuttoned shirt off onto the floor and urged Face back toward the waiting bed. Face slid out of his jeans before sitting down on the edge. Face smiles as he looked up at Murdock, who was bare-chested, his erection barely concealed behind the tight khaki pants.

Murdock looked down at him and asked, "What're you smiling at, dollface?"

"You," Face breathed, amused at the spin Murdock had given his nickname. "You're just"

"Devilishly handsome? That's what they all say, baby." Grinning widely, Murdock slipped onto the bed beside Face and started kissing him softly, leaning him back onto the bed.

"Actually, I think the word I was going for was crazy," Face teased, then moaned as Murdock kissed his way down his neck.

"Yeah, they all say that, too." Murdock responded, distracted by Face's warm, tanned skin. He began kissing his way down Face's chest.

Face shivered at the feel of Murdock's lips on his skin, overcome with the need to feel the pilot pressed against him. He reached down and pulled Murdock back up, then flipped him over onto his back and kissed him hard and deep. He placed his hands on Murdock's hips, drawing the pilot in closer. He ran his fingertips down to the front of Murdock's pants, lightly tracing the erection. Murdock moaned and ran his fingers through Face's hair, kissing him, pulling him close.

Face ran his fingers through the thick, dark hair on Murdock's chest, then reached down and unbuttoned his pants. He slowly drew down the zipper, and just as slowly reached inside Murdock's boxers and drew out his throbbing member. Murdock groaned, "Face, how can you tease me at a time like this?"

Face grinned and continued running his had up and down Murdock's cock, causing it to throb with anticipation. Murdock ran his fingers through Face's hair again, and resisted the temptation to pull the other man's head towards his cock, wanting to let Face work at his own speed. Face seemed to have the same ideas as Murdock, however, and wasted no time in leaning down and brushing his lips over the head of the other man's cock. Murdock gasped at the light touch, bringing his hands down to clench around Face's shoulders. Face brushed the tip of his cock with his lips once again, then allowed his tongue to lightly trace around the head in a circle.

He glanced up to gauge Murdock's reaction and saw that Murdock had his head thrown back, his eyes shut, and his breath was coming in gasps. The tip of Murdock's erection was leaking pre-come and Face slowly licked off the pearly droplet, surprised that he actually enjoyed the slightly salty taste of it. He ran his tongue firmly down the hard ridge on the underside of Murdock's shaft.

"God, Face, please..."

"Mmm, what is it you want, Murdock? Tell me what you want me to do."

"Fa-ace! Please! God, take me in your mouth, please, I need you so mu...oh god!"

Face engulfed Murdock's cock, allowing his tongue to trace the ridge down as he swallowed as much of the shaft as he could. He had his hands on Murdock's hips, and Murdock was rocking gently, not wanting to choke Face, but unable to hold himself still. Face leaned back slightly and drew the cock almost entirely out of his mouth, concentrating on the tip, running his tongue around and around, then plunging back down, finding himself able to take almost all of the pilot's long shaft into his mouth by keeping his throat open.

"Face," gasped Murdock. "Face, please." Murdock forced himself to draw back from the other man. "You are really good at that, but I want our first time to be together, okay? Now c'mere."

With that, he pushed his pants and boxers the rest of the way off, kicked them aside with a growl, then pushed Face backwards onto the bed and crawled on top of him. He kissed him passionately, reached down to push off Face's boxers, then pressed down against him, their hard cocks rubbing together.

After reaching for the lube and anointing his fingers, Murdock caressed Face, embracing him and allowing his lithe fingers to work their way down his back in light, teasing touches. He caressed Face's ass and slowly pressed in with his lubed finger, entering that tight hole for the first time. Face was prepared for it and made an effort to relax. Murdock pushed in a little more and, feeling little resistance, went deeper. Face moaned aloud, as Murdock's fingers reached his prostate and tingly warmth flooded through his body.

Murdock paused for a second at the sound of the moan and brushed Face's lips with his own. Breathing hard, he said, "You're sure?"

"After all this? You think I'd let you stop?"

"Oh, Face. Come here."

The stop-and-go, relentlessly teasing nature of this auspicious encounter, had brought their anticipation to its height. The time for talking, for testing, for worrying, was done. Sheer physical need took over.

Face gave Murdock a hard kiss, then slowly, sensuously, turned over, sliding his body up against the other man's. Murdock's breathing quickened in a mix of arousal and nervous tension. Face looked back over his shoulder, giving Murdock his best come-hither glance.

"Please," breathed Face.

"Face, god. I want...I want..."

"Please," Face said again, urgently.

"Oh, yes." God, Murdock was hard and he badly wanted to be inside of Face. "I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't." Face lifted himself and rubbed back against Murdock's throbbing member. Murdock gasped and found himself pressed against the tight entrance to Face's body.

"How should I...well, I guess, Tab A into Slot B, right?" He grinned as Face looked back and rolled his eyes.

Murdock quickly coated his cock with lube then, breathing heavily, pressed against Face. Face was stretched and felt as turned on as he had ever been, on fire, beyond ready. He knew Murdock was anxious about hurting him, so he lifted up and pressed back as Murdock pressed forward, and with a gasp from both of them, Murdock slid just the head of his penis into Face.

"Should I keep going?"

"Oh, yes."

"Okay..." and Murdock slid further in and the rhythm began and both men were caught up in it. Any pain Face felt was soon overcome by the intense pleasure of the act and it was sweet, so sweet to have Murdock inside him, inside him so deep that it felt like they were one. So caught up was he in the pleasure that it took a moment to realize how incredibly hard he was, his cock aching, ready to explode. And Murdock's hands were on his hips, pulling him back as he plunged in. God, how it made him feel and he felt Murdock's breath hot on his shoulder and, "Please, please," he found himself whispering, lost in ecstasy. Murdock's warm hand suddenly enclosed his aching cock, and all there was was pleasure. He heard someone cry out and realized it was himself, lost himself in pleasure as he exploded over Murdock's hand. He heard Murdock call out his name just before Face was flooded with his hot seed.

They collapsed, entwined, on the bed, sweaty, exhausted, satisfied. Fulfilled.

"Faceguy," Murdock murmured, nuzzling into the back of Face's neck. He planted a kiss there, then laid his head against Face's back. He made a movement to withdraw and Face whispered, "No, stay."

Murdock grinned and resettled himself and Face gave a sigh of contentment.


When they had recovered, they lazily moved out to the living room, reveling in their newfound intimacy and utterly relaxed. Murdock puttered about in the kitchen, clad only in a pair of jeans, barefoot and shirtless, carefully brewing coffee for them. Well, espresso, actually, what he referred to as his "Funky Coffee Drink", where he added coffee to hot chocolate mix and topped it with way too much whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon.

When the drinks were ready, he carried a steaming mug full out to the living room, leaning over the back of the couch to hand it to Face. Face had been lounging on the couch, wearing boxers and an open, rumpled dress shirt. In that outfit, with his hair mussed, he was irresistibly cute. On impulse, Murdock leaned in and planted a kiss in the curve of Face's tanned shoulder, which cause Face to let out a soft moan of contentment.

Murdock grinned, leaning on the back of the couch. "I love being able to do that to you."

Face leaned his head back for a kiss and Murdock gave him one, tenderly.

Face sighed happily and sipped his espresso, which was overflowing with melty whipped cream. When he took the cup away, he had whipped cream on his nose. He grinned at Murdock, who laughed and leaned forward, licked it off. Before he could pull back, Face put his cup down and placing his hand on the back of Murdock's head, kissed him soundly. Murdock made a sound in the back of his throat, and gave in to Face's ministrations, leaning closer, then finally tumbling over the back of the couch, not breaking the kiss. He lay pressed against Face. His hands roamed up and down Face's sides while Face held him close and explored his mouth with his tongue.

They were thus engaged when there was a perfunctory knock on the door and someone tried the knob. With a gasp, Murdock rolled to the floor and Face leapt up. The knock came again, this time accompanied by Hannibal's voice demanding entrance. Face paused for a moment, considered their disheveled - not to mention aroused - state. He met Murdock's eyes and with a shrug and a dazzling smile said, "Well, if he keeps showing up like this, he's going to find out eventually." He crossed the room and opened the door with a sweeping motion. "Colonel," he said, allowing the older man to enter.

"Lieutenant," Hannibal said around his cigar, taking in Face's half-dressed appearance with a glance. "I need the paperwork on the Quigley case." Hannibal moved into the room, and again with a single glance, surveyed Murdock, now sprawled on the couch, attempting nonchalance, but radiating tension.

"Hey; Hannibal," Murdock said, eyes steady on his colonel. "Coffee? Espresso? Tea? Me?" His tone was joking, but his face tense.

Hannibal chewed on his cigar for a moment before responding. "No, thanks, Captain." His eyes twinkled momentarily. "I'm not…thirsty."

"Here it is," said Face, coming back from the retrieving the paperwork from their last mission. He handed it to Hannibal, then went to stand behind the couch. He casually rested a hand on Murdock's bare shoulder, his eyes only slightly challenging.

Hannibal gazed at Face silently for a moment, tapping the papers against his gloved hand. He seemed to come to a decision and grinned around the cigar suddenly. "Thanks, Lieutenant." He made eye contact with Murdock. "Captain."


With that, Hannibal turned and strode out the door with nary a backwards glance.

Face walked slowly to the door, closed it, and leaned against it. He looked over at Murdock.

"Hmm." Murdock ran his fingers through his hair in a late attempt to straighten it, feeling the excess adrenaline from the expected confrontation running through his body. "He didn't seem too upset - or surprised."

"Yeah." Face walked back and sank down beside Murdock. He picked up his espresso and leaned to rest against Murdock's chest. "I guess he knows what's best for his team, right?"

Murdock buried his lips in Face's honey-blonde hair, planted a kiss there. "I guess so. Glad we figured that out on our own."

"Hmmm, yeah." And Face settled in, relaxed against Murdock. "Hey."

"Yeah, Facey?"

"I think this may actually work out."

"Yeah." Murdock's lips curved into a smile. "I love it when a pla-"


"Sorry. Couldn't resist."


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