Sentinel Fic That I Adore

Sentinel Fic That I Adore

Blair is hot Wait, they think we're GAY? Jim is hot

Mia by Francesca

I'd forgotten all about this story. It's one of the hottest things I've ever read; I don't know how I forgot about it. Gorgeous, gorgeous, desperate Jim, wanting Blair so badly it's beyond his understanding. Guh.

Blair was pulling him down, pulling Jim down on top of him, stroking his back with those workmanlike hands, and he grabbed two fistfuls of Blair's hair and plundered his mouth, wanting him so badly, so fucking fucking badly. Suddenly his chest was tight, and he pulled his mouth away, needing to breathe, and Blair was holding him close and kissing his face and god, it was almost too much for him to take...

Go. Read. You won't regret it.

A Long Time Looking by Anna S.

Because. Sex. Up against the side of Jim's truck. Which is apparently my particular kink in this fandom. Very yummy, and nice, mellow lead-up, as well.

Nothing On by Francesca


And then Jim was back, looking rather like the debauched hero of a nineteen forties film: jacket on, dress shirt open, pants unzipped. Carrying lubricant.

I love that line, a whole lot. Actually, I love Francesca, a whole lot. She'll be recommended here. Like. A whole lot

Out of Whack by Bone and Aristide

Because it's so. Damn. Good. I was paging through it, looking for an excerpt, and I didn't even really think I was particularly interested in The Sentinel just now, but then I found myself just reading it, all caught up in it because. Well. Okay: desperately horny Blair. Who can get off, like, a whole lot. In a row. And it works. And not even in just a look-at-them-have-sex-a-whole-lot sorta way (though it does work that way, too). But there's, like, plot, and love, and did I mention the really really hot sex? Yeah:

And because he was, well, up against the wall, here; and because he'd been thinking about this a lot (well, maybe not this-with-Jim-this, but this-with-Jim was a damn good this anyway, and he wished he'd thought of it, and he was certainly thinking about it now), Blair shoved any lingering doubts firmly onto the back burner, and decided to take care of his serious front-burner first. He managed to pry Jim's hand off his arm, holding tight to all those wonderful, strong fingers while he pulled Jim's hand down, wedging it between them so that he could get Jim…ohh…right where he needed him. "Whoa," Jim said. Somehow it managed to sound profound when he said it.


Salt, Tequila, Lime by Lyrica

Because I just love drunk Blair.

Blair leaned back against the cabinets and rested his arms along the counter top, probably to keep from sliding right down to the floor. His head lolled as if his neck wasn't going to hold it up much longer. His legs sprawled, one knee cocked outward so that his thighs were spread. He looked relaxed to the point of stupefaction, except for the one foot, tapping slowly to some internal beat, flexing the muscle in his thigh. The movement pulled his jeans taut across his groin. Flex. Release. Flex. And that was where the mask of relaxation ended. His cock was half hard, revealed in the rhythmic stretch and release of denim. Heat simmered just below the surface of his skin.

Proof and Pudding by Aristide

Okay: horny Jim. Horny, teasing Blair. Hot, dangerous, public, under-the-table sex. So. Freakin'. Hot.

Jim half-expected to see Blair disappear under the table, and he was already weighing the decision of whether to jump up and dash for the bathroom or just slide down in his chair and let the good times roll; but Blair didn't. Jim watched, paralyzed, while Blair shifted in his seat; and then the deep, amplified voice of the good ol' boy currently up at the podium and the hushed murmurs of the rest of the room were entirely obliterated by the soft-meshed sound of Blair's... zipper... coming... un... done.

Toy Story by Alanna

Oh, so very yummy tale of Blair, experimenting. And okay, yeah, dildos are involved (well, one dildo), and you might think that's a turn off, but you'd be wrong. Because Alanna makes it work in a very big way. Trust me, you won't be sorry you clicked.

Oh, and it has one of my all-time favorite sex-in-the-front-seat-of-Jim's-truck scenes, ever. So very, very hot.

Learning Curve by Antimony Hayes

Really, really nice almost-pre-but-really-heading-towards-actual-slash.

Sandburg looked up at him, grinning. His eyes were huge. "We takin' him down?"

"We're following him," Jim said. He rolled his eyes and gave Sandburg a shove to get him moving.

"You could totally shoot him from here."

Annoyed, Jim didn't look over. "He's not dangerous."

"He could be armed," Sandburg said. "He could be packing heat." Now Jim did look turn. The kid was thrumming. "You read a book, didn't you."

Sandburg turned his grin on the sidewalk. "I...uh. Did a little research."

"Jesus Christ."

Origin by Kass and Resonant

Okay. Jim tries to explain to Blair what it's like to be a sentinel. Then he decides it's better to show rather than tell. And what follows is hot and steamy and just a very, very gorgeous combination of talents (um, that would be the talents of Resonant and Kass, as well as those of Jim and Blair).

Jim pressed his body against Blair's, and Blair turned his face into Jim's neck. The blindfold was rough against Jim's skin.

"Smell good," Blair said, and then put out his tongue and delicately tasted Jim's skin, making Jim shiver. "Taste good, too."

"How --" and Jim broke off with a gasp as Blair's tongue moved along his neck and down his throat -- "how do I taste?"

"Good. I don't know. Like you."

Blair bit him gently, and Jim heard himself let out a soft moan. Then Blair moved his face further down, rubbing it against the front of Jim's chambray shirt. "I can smell that you ironed this shirt, you freak," he said softly.

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