For the Sake of Love

by SnowFlake and witchbaby



An unusual situation arises that includes Zeke, Myron and Johnny.

**Warning! BadFic ahead! SnowFlake and myself spent a little bit too much time perusing such sites as Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit and decided that it was a challenge. The result is this splendid piece of fiction. We present it here, for your perusal and amusement, with the knowledge that we ourselves are quite guilty of committing the crimes against fiction presented herein.**

Brewster was scowled as he watched the three men make their way across the paddle that was Ladybird. Those three soldiers, McKey, Goldman, and Anderson, seemed to not care that they were being watched as they walked together across the compound together in a row heading towards the hootch where McKay and Myron shared.

The sunshine glittered in the waterfilled hole like Moron’s eyes would sparkle in the depth of night when he panting would ask for John’s firm fingers to roam ever further to enclosing his searing man-meat.

The three men entered the hootch and Zeke grabbed Myron and threw him down on the bed staring at him with endless lust in his deep brown eyes.

“I’ve waited for you all my life, Boy. But I’m so confused. Do you love me or are you leading on?”

Myron’s face was straked with tears he looked first at Zeke then at Johnny.

“Zeke, I do love you and I want you with me but Johnny and me are soul mates. Can’t you understand?”

Matching tears filled Zeke’s eyes and he wiped them away shakily. His head was spinning wildly spinning. Spinning around he pushed Johnny aside and stepped out into the unforgiving sunlight that painted cute little prisms on the walls as they golden rays reflected off the paddles.

HELL his Sergent couldn’t be leaving him!!! Myron leapt up to follow his Sergent but Johnny grapped his long slender arm and pulled him back hard against him.

“No Myron. Let him go. He needs to come to terms with the fact that we are all Lovers.”

Myron blinked owlishly at Johnny McKay and placed his right hand over the bulging biceps of Johnny’s arm. The muscles rippled under his fingers as John’s whole body reacts to the touch and went go stiff.

Johnny pulled Myron to the bed. He growled “I want you NOW and while I am worry that Zeke hurt, right now I want to take you as mine.”

Myron’s worry melted away and the fron left his face. “Myron, I want you too. Let us worry about Zeke later. We should get to know eachother. I feel like I don’t know you at all. Yet I am strangely attracted to you.”

“I want you too and I feel that you and I belong together forever. Yet Zeke and I belong together too. But now I want you.”

They fell together on the bunk and Johnny used his left hand to tear Myron’s shirt off, then pulled off his own shirt too, so they were both shirtless. Then Myron put the coffee cup down and crossed the floor bringing him face to face with the flustered Johnny. He took his hand and used it to run his hand across the other man’s cheek. His breath hitched in his dry throat as the hand moved downwards. The tingling sensation threatened overwhelm him as one finger slid in without warning.

It burned and Myron gasped “OWW!!” but soon the burning turned into gorgeous lustful heat and he gasped “More!”.

The sensations washing over him were breathtaking as his body to react like it had never before. The waves of pleasures that radiated from the deep warm crevasse washed over him.

“Please” he he groaned loudly, knowing he needed more from the slender chopper pilot. Johhny grabbed his hips as he withered under him and slid inside him all at once, impaling him on his enormous throbbing rod of love.

“Yes” Myron panted loudly, “Yes! I need it! Give it to me you big bad boy!!”

This voice trailed off as the hit his secret honey pot. He pushed back hard against Johnny and Johnny thrust back hard against Myron. He reached around and wrapped his fist around the long shaft of the other man. They were getting close to completion when the door of the hootch swung open hard.

“Ezekial!” Myron whispered brokenly. “What are you doing here???”

Zeke skidded to a halt, stearing with sunned horror as though he was stunned. His eyes were ragefull and he raked his eyes over the sight of the breathtaking blonde Lietuenant wrapped tenderly around the out of breathe Myron.

Myron vulnerably looked up at Zeke from his cup of coffee.

“I don’t know” he sobbed. “I just confuse over what I want” He was shaking uncontrollably as he look up at his love with brown doe eyes.

“You Slut!” Zeke barked. “Ever since I met you you’ve done nothing but taunt me. You walk around here with your fatigues hugging the tight globs of your rock hard ass.” Zeke reached out and closed his huge fingers around the white cup with the small crack on the flowered rim that Myron was still holding. Steam was rising from the hot tea.

Johnny’s eyes followed the movements of the larger man as moved with the grace of a black panther. His eyes flashed wantonly.

Zeke glared jealous at McCay then turned his gaze to Myron again. “When you engage in sexual activity with John J. my heart fractures into a thousand pieces”. He clasped his heart. “Love is something not easily give and when you are used and abused it hurts. I’m a soldier I’m never known when – or if – I’ll come back from the field. You have to be strong, being weak will ultimately kill you, that’s why I always get my skivvies starched. Extra strong.”

John H. was overcome with emotion. In his desire to be near Ezikel, he placed all five digits on Myron’s visage and shuving him back making him stumble and drape his coffe cup which shattered in a thousand pieces as the china in slow motion hit the wooden floor of the hootch.

“Yes! Oh Yes!! Stong, ya gotta be strong. But…” McKey’s voice trailed off “… I’m weak I’m so lost, and sometimes I cry in the dark.”

Zeke stepped forward and embraced Josh in his huge arms. Gruffly he said “You can cry on my shoulder anytime you need to, Soldier?”

“I’m weak too” Myron wined from behind. “I’m really weak. Can I cuddle too.?”

Zeke allowed Myron to squished into the embrace, pressing his face close into his shirt front. Myron inhaled deeply, breathing in the manly, musk-sweat smell of his best friend.

Garment after garment were shed onto the floor, and the room filled with needy sighs and moans. Hot wet mouths were everywhere and Zek forcefully pushed the two young boys to the bed and crawled on top of them.

Johnny layed back and watched his two lovers exotically murge into one complete picture of perfection. He was getting painfully hard and ran his hand over the length of his own writhing lightning rod. Watching the two men together he started to get nervous, though he was very aroused as well. He had always been a Ladies man, and now here he was with two GUYS. He didn’t know what to do having never done this before. He was distracted by the worry and by fulfilling his own desire and didn’t notice the other two men turn from their lustful activities to focus on him.

Myron licked his lip sensually, wanting badly to get them on the shaft the pilot was stroking so sexily. Myron slid up the bed to slide behind Jonhy and grabbed his arms, holding him down against himself so that Zeke could have access to the sweetness inside. Johnny wimpered. “I’m scared! Please don’t make it hurt.”

Myron looked down at him. “John. Are you telling me that you are a Virgin?”

John J. hung his head and nodded, tears running down his cheek. “Yes. But I want this. I want to do this with you. I’m just.”

“Scared?” Myron ran his hand down John’s cheek and Zeke stroked his thigh with increasing passion. “Don’t be. You will love this, I will promise and when you become one with Zeke it will be the greatest pleasure. Myron nodded at Zeke and held Johnny in his tender arms so that he would hold still as he was deflowered by the husky sergent. With one gigantic grunt, the tough sargent mounted John like the stallion he was.

Whimpering as his body was breached Johnny arched his back. Pressing his sweat soaked backside against Myron’s still hard cock. Myron thrust hard against the globs of Johän’s ass and spilled his seed against the slick body of the Iowa-born pilot. Zeke, watching the passion wash over Myron’s face, thrust hardly one more time into John’s tight passage and bellowed loudly as he released his own man-milk.

He gasped as two sets of hands wrapped themselves around the length of his shaft and stroked up and down, milking him dry of every last drop. He collapses in a boneless pile and he felt the other two men curl up around him as though they were jungle cats, tired after mating. He felt the tenderness of their love engulfing him in tangible waves as they lay together on the floor. He felt that his heart would burst with love for these two beautiful men. He sighed contentedly. But then he felt Zeke tense suddenly beside him.

“What is wrong, my Love?”. Myron’s sultry voice was heard from the other side of the cramped hootch, where he was busy pouring a fresh cup of French Vanilla coffee with a touch of cinnamon into his battered tin cup.

“Nothing.” Zeker whispered sadly.

“Don’t play games with me, Ezekiel. We have played enough of them already.”

“I’m just so…”

“So what?”

“So, I don’t know, like, you know, confused.” Zeke freed himself from the vice-like grip of his lovers embraces. He turned away to bury his face in his hands, but not before Johnny saw the tears glistening in his deep saffire eyes. “I just… don’t think I’m ready for this. I mean, I love you both, but I don’t want to hurt again. I think I will just not love anybody.”

“Zekie, NO,” Myron shouted. “You need to know that you are loved. Johnny and I…”

Zeve pushed them both away. “I… I can’t deal with this right now. I’m sorry. I have to go.”

Anderson rushed past the two stunned men and staggered across the red dust of Camp Barnette, not even noticing the fascinated eyes of Major Darling who were standing in the shade of the OC, one hand casually on his hip, the other one finger the key to Zeke’s hootch, which he had copied from the material office, and was now laying in the depths of his pocket, just waiting to be used for his dark and perverted fantasies, among which concerned a jar of Skippy, motor oil, a carrot and Darling’s own red lace lingery.

A cruel smile crossed his face as he stepped out into the darkness and proceeded to follow the now sobbing staff sargant. This was going to be a good night.