by brooklinegirl (witchbaby)



Response to the Sin City Challenge over at Notes

Make the best of a bad situation. Itís all you can ever do. You take small doses of happiness where you can find them, and learn to thrive on them for days.

Itís all you can ever do.

It was very dark, back behind the bar. The clouded night sky made the alley so black, Zeke couldnít even see his hand in front of his face. The back door opened, letting light and noise spill out, startling and intrusive. A shadow slipped out and the door slammed shut.

Zeke was temporarily blinded by the light. Still he knew that it was Myron there beside him, just before he felt the hands on his hips. Then Myronís lips were pressing softly against his own. Zeke wrapped his arms around the slim body pressed up against him and let himself get lost in the smooth easiness of the kiss.

It lasted mere moments, then with a whispered promise of more to come later, (later when? Later how? Not now, but soon. Promise), Myron slipped away and there was only night air where he had been.

Zeke sighed and headed back to base. Back to the long night and his lonely bed, with thoughts of potential for the next time soothing his aching heart.


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