by brooklinegirl




Fraser/Kowalski for Canadian Blowjob Day 2006! YAY BLOWJOBS.

"Please," Ray said tightly, "God, please.

He was asking politely, yes, but patience was also a virtue and Fraser just twisted his fingers inside of Ray's body again, feeling Ray moan almost before he heard him.

"God." Ray was panting up at the ceiling now, digging his heels into the bed, lifting his hips up, giving Fraser more room. Fraser curled his fingers inside of Ray, intently watching up the length of Ray's body as Ray shuddered and shook. "Oh, God, oh Fraser, please, just fucking - fucking -"

Fraser eased forward on the bed, keeping his fingers inside of Ray, careful of his own erection, so hard and sensitive that the brush of sheets against it sent a shiver down his spine. "Language, Ray," he said softly, keeping his voice steady through a sheer act of will.

Ray breathed out a chuckle. "Oh, fuck you, Fraser, you can't -"

He cut himself off with a moan as Fraser slid his tongue slowly up the length of his cock. Ray had been hard for quite some time now, and when Fraser reached the head, he thoughtfully licked off the bead of moisture that was trembling there.

Ray's voice was a thin whimper as he chanted, "God, oh god, oh god."

From the corner of his eye, Fraser could see Ray's hands clenching in the sheets, and he could feel him so tense underneath him, his breath coming desperately. He kept pressing his hips down, so that Fraser's fingers slid further into him, then up, nudging his cock against Fraser's lips.

Fraser ran his tongue over the head of his cock once more. "Say it again," he murmured.

Ray stirred under him, panting hard. "Say - you - god, come on, Fraser, just - "

"Say it." Fraser made his voice firm, though his cock was so painfully hard, and making Ray wait was merely torturing himself longer, too. But - "Say it," he said, asking for it, demanding it.

"God." Ray had his head tilted all the way back, his eyes shut. "God, just - yeah." His voice was strained. "Yeah, just -" He sucked in a breath as Fraser licked him again. "Please. Please."

Fraser shuddered, and took Ray's cock in his mouth, finally, finally, took it all the way in, sucking him the best he knew how. Ray cried out, his hips coming off the bed, and Fraser took it, let Ray go, let him thrust up and up into his mouth. Ray drove himself down onto Fraser's fingers still pressed inside of him every time he came down, and this wasn't going to take long at all, not at all.

"Fraser." Ray's voice was rough, his hand flailing out, landing to hold tight to Fraser's shoulder. "I - "

Fraser took a breath, ignoring the ache in his own cock as he thrust it slowly against the sheets. He pulled his fingers out of Ray's ass and as Ray wailed out loud, Fraser pinned his hips to the bed hard, and sucked him in deep, steady. Ray struggled underneath him and came in Fraser's mouth, pulse after pulse as Fraser swallowed around him.

"Jesus." Ray's body settled limply underneath Fraser. "Jesus." He tugged on Fraser's hair. "You - Fraser, you've got to - "

"Yeah." Fraser heaved himself up, kneeling over Ray and taking his cock in his hand.

"Yeah." Ray opened his eyes, still foggy, his eyes dazed, but watching as Fraser stroked himself. "God, yeah, Fraser. Come - come on, do it - Christ."

And Fraser couldn't help but obey, falling forward to brace himself on one hand on the bed, and stroking himself hard, his orgasm coursing through him, coming all over Ray's stomach, his chest, shaking with how long he'd been holding back, how much he needed this.

He collapsed slowly down beside Ray, and the two of them lay there, their breathing slowing down.

"Christ, Fraser," Ray said, still looking up at the ceiling. "You -" He gestured limply up over at him. "That - "

"Mm." Fraser smiled sleepily, closing his eyes. "It only takes an extra second to be polite."

Ray hit him with a pillow, but that was okay, because Fraser was already nearly asleep.


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