Pizza AU
They Eat Pizza, Don't They?
cover art by cherryice

Summary: Ray was trying not to think on it too close. Because it sounded like a truly terrible romance book.
Or maybe a sitcom: Canadian Mountie Falls for Chicago Pizza Maker! Wackiness Ensues!

Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski

Posted: 2/2006

Rating: NC-17

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Author's Notes: I owe many, many thank-yous here:

To misspamela, for being there (and drunk with me) when the idea was hatched.

To beledibabe, c_regalis, pearl, and starfishchick for initial beta of a totally unedited version.

To lynnmonster and queue for betaing the edited version.

beledibabe gets DOUBLE thanks for detailed beta-work on the final draft and much hand-holding.

To laughingacademy and merricatk for providing the photographs for my cover.

To cherryice for designing my gorgeous cover art.

To minervacat for helping me put Ray's Pizza within walking distance of Comiskey Field.

And to estrella, for - well, for telling misspamela and I to "Quit yelling about Ray's Pizza, they are everywhere!"
but also for being the first one to read this entire fic in its wacky, uneven form.

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