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BrooklineGirl's Other Fandoms

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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

[Some Fine Things] (16K)
Written for Yuletide 2004. It happened kind of quick, that Sundance was Butch's right hand man. PG.

Century Hotel

[Ahead By a Century ( Danny/Michael)] (9K)
Danny was everything Michael wasn't. (pre-movie fic) PG

Local Hero

[Even the Lonestar State Gets Lonesome] (11K)
Written for Kass for Yuletide 2005: It was Victor's song, but it was like he'd been singing everything that had been in Mac's heart for as long as he could remember. PG

The Man from UNCLE

[A Matter of Taste (Napoleon/Illya)] (3K)
Napoleon is a slutty bottom. R

Men With Brooms

[Throwing Off Glass (Amy/Lennox)] (17K)
Lennox was watching Cutter walk away, cigarette in his mouth, his head tilted to one side to keep the smoke out of his eyes. He flicked his eyes to her, and grinned, suddenly, holding the cigarette between his teeth. "Let's get out of here, yeah?" NC-17.

My Life as a Dog

[Late Night Movie (Johnny/Louis)] (10K)
They'd been doing that for a few weeks now - just kissing and kissing, and Johnny didn't have to worry if his hand was sweaty when he braced himself on Louis' thigh, or if he wasn't doing it right, because it was easy. NC-17

[Winter Melts (Johnny/Louis)] (5K)
A cold night in the caboose. PG.

Pretty in Pink

[Left of Center (Steff/Blane)] (12K)
Written for Yuletide 2006: Before Andie, Steff had everything completely under control. NC-17


[Colleagues (David/Carlos)] (4K)
First kiss. R

The Sentinel

[Research (Jim/Blair)] (19K)
Written for lamardeuse, who asked for: He couldn't believe his luck.NC-17

[Wet and Wild (Jim/Blair) ] (19K)
For the "The Sentinel...Harlequin Style!" ficathon. What happens when sparks fly between the rich kid and the pool boy? NC-17

Twitch City

[Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School (Hope/Curtis, Hope/Newbie)] (24K)
Written for the Midsummer Fic Challenge. "Oh god," she said, opening her eyes, and staring up at the fluorescent lights. "Curtis." "Newbie," said Newbie, not even looking up from her breast before taking her nipple in his mouth again. R

Wilby Wonderful

[Last Cigarettes (Duck/Dan)] (6K)
Even now, after all these months, Dan had a way of watching him with this sort of controlled dread in his expression, like he was waiting to see what Duck wanted or expected or was disappointed by. R


[Burn Your Bridges Down (Sonny/Vinnie)] (19K)
"How are you gonna remember this, Vinnie? How are you gonna remember me?" NC-17

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