BrooklineGirl's Hard Core Logo RPS Fic

BrooklineGirl's Hard Core Logo Fic

Hard Core Logo

[13 Steps Lead Down] (8K)
Joe's in it for Billy, and for the music. But mostly for Billy.NC-17.

[dear sweet filthy world] (19K)
For the HCL fic challenge: Billy Tallent never does anything he doesn't want to do.

[Five Things] (2K)
Five Things Billy Misses about Joe Dick.

[More Than This] (34K)
Joe and Billy, that first night after the Rock Against Guns show and what happens when they keep drinking, and keep drinking, and keep drinking. NC-17.

[Nobody's Side] (18K)
Takes place when Hard Core Logo was just starting out. Some things never change. NC-17.

[Pushy] (10K)
For Canadian Blowjob Day 2006.

[Shadows] (13K)
John watches Joe and Billy. Takes place back then, when they were simply a band. Things weren’t easy, but they were less complicated. R.

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