The GarettVerse

The GarettVerse

Disclaimer: HI THE GARETTVERSE IS A FICTIONAL THING. NONE of this is based on reality.
It is a WORK OF FICTION. Garett doesn't live with Ken Wahl.
I am making these things up for fun and NOT PROFIT. If you are, or think you may be, Garett Maggart
or one of his relations, you probably don't want to read this.

The GarettVerse by BrooklineGirl

[Awesome] (7K)
"Look, there have been, like, four hundred postcards already."

[Better Version of Me] (10K)
Garett hadn't seen him since the last Cascade Con, but really, Garett thought, as Richard crowded him up against the wall of the janitor's closet and closed his hand over the bulge in his jeans, some things never changed

[Five Things](1k)
Five things I will say to Garett Maggart when he appears on my doorstep with a C&D.

[Season One] (5K)

[Spring Isn't Moonridge] (4K)
Spring is when Garett leaves too many messages on Richard's cell phone, but he can't stop himself from calling, even when Richard never calls back.

The GarettVerse by Everyone Else

[Moonridge by Estrella]

Summary: "I swear this time I'll leave right after the pizza." Richard raised an eyebrow and stared. "That's what you said last time, yet there you were after the pizza, digging around in your bag for your copy of Demon Under Glass"

[Garett Had a Plan by Estrella]

Summary: Really, everyone knew whose voice that was doing the monologue, and it sure wasn't Richard.

[Comfort Foods by KevBot]

Summary: “Garett, are you still mad that the DVD people spelled your name wrong on the packaging? Jesus, man, that happened like a week ago, get over it.”

[Extraordinary Machines by KevBot]

Summary: “I’m at a phone booth, Garett,” she whispered. “On Santa Monica, and I... I can’t find my shoes.” Garett closed his eyes briefly and drew in breath. “Fiona. What happened, kiddo?”

[Hugh and Callum and Garett and Ken by Lalejandra]

Summary: There's gotta be a point where Garrett shows up at a HDRC show and says, "Hugh, man, I love your music, I love you," and Hugh is like, "Dude, it's the Sentinel! It's the Sentinel!"

[Garett's Intern by Lalejandra]

Summary: There's a creepy girl watching through the bushes, taking pictures with her camera phone, wearing a nametag that says, "Hello, I am Garett's Intern! Ask me about Moonridge!"

[Vegan Cheese Babies by Lalejandra]

Summary: And Ken is like, "DUDE! YOU GOT INTERVIEWED!"And Garett says, totally in a snotty voice: "Yeah, you would too if you fixed your eyebrow."

[There's Something About a Bug by Sassy]

Summary: Garett's sad, sad 1983 Volkswagen bug keeps breaking down and Fiona won't pick him up anymore, and he has to call Richard for a jumpstart.

[GarettVerse Wank 2006 by TheFourthVine]

Summary: I mean, the chick's never heard of Funyuns. Dude, that's just sad."

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