Garett had A Plan

Garett had A Plan

by Estrella

And so what if it was a Friday night and some other people - show-off type people - had real plans for the weekend. Not that Garett was jealous or anything. That was totally good for them if they did.

But Garett really had to say that if given the choice between going out with his sister when she did…whatever it was that she did at night, hanging out with Ken and a few of his wives, or sitting at home, having a nice, quiet night on the couch, just him and Richard, well, Garett knew what he'd choose without any question at all.

"Right, Rich?" Garett said. He sprawled back on the couch and kicked a leg up onto the coffee table. The bag of Funyuns tipped over and spilled onto the orange, shag carpet.

Richard didn't answer, but that was okay. It wasn't like he was there and ignoring Garett or anything. That would be rude.

Garett patted the DVD box and spoke to Richard's picture again. "And no matter what people say about you, rude is one thing they can never accuse you of, right, buddy? Ahh, yeah," he laughed quietly. "Good times."

The DVD box stared back at him.

The box was awesome, even Garett had to admit that. Bright orange and shiny. And he was totally fine with not being on the cover of the box, or the DVD's. Or the inside flyer. Or, you know, anything really at all to do with them. The show was called The Sentinel after all, not The Guide, and really, everyone knew whose voice that was doing the monologue, and it sure wasn't Richard.

"Yep," Garett said, leaning back and crushing a bag of Andy Capp Hot Fries. "I'm sure they're just waiting for season two to get my picture all over the box set." He popped the tab on his can of Fanta and took a long, grape soda sip. "Season two is all mine."

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