This is only time-saving if you have your fics saved to your memories section on LJ.

How to Copy and Paste from LJ Entries, New and Improved Instructions from cmshaw, YAY!

It is, in fact, even easier than that to get to the edit function and copy'n'paste.

1. Go to the LJ entry with the story and look at the view where you are reading comments, not leaving a new comment.
2. Look for the little toolbar. There should be a button that looks like this: (if there isn't, you're probably using a style with text instead of images; look for something that says "Edit Entry").
3. Click that little button (or link).
4. Grab everything in the entry box and paste it into your text editor.
5. Save as text.There's an option for editing a certain day. Enter the date your fic was posted (you can choose this even if it was posted in a community, like - there's an option for "In what community" underneath), and lo and behold, there is the box with your fic and all the posted formatting.

You just copy and paste that into Word, save as Plain Text, and you're all set to post.