Early Morning Blues and Greens

by brooklinegirl (witchbaby)



An early morning Face/Murdock PWP, written to celebrate the birthdays of Emma and Lark.

"Time to get up, darlin'."


"No, really, this time. It's time to get up."

Face's response was clear and concise. "No." Just a statement of fact, and he pulled the covers closer over his head.

Murdock sighed and pulled them down again. Face shut his eyes tighter. "Face." No response. "Hannibal's going to be here soon." He glanced over at the clock. "Very soon." The sunlight tilted through their bedroom window, casting a rosy glow over the comfortable room. The bed was cozy and warm, rumpled sheets and comforter strewn over them still. The alarm had gone off over twenty minutes previously, but Murdock's long arm reached the snooze button easily, two or three times.

Face kept his eyes shut. "Hannibal needs to learn what time normal human beings get up on Saturdays."

"Hannibal isn't a normal person." Knowing that once he had Face talking, it was only a matter of time before he was fully awake, Murdock leaned back and stretched, yawning.

Face cracked open an eyelid to watch his lazy stretching interestedly. Murdock looked down at him. Face opened both eyes a bit more, languidly. He let them travel the length of Murdock's body, the bottom half of which was still hidden under the sheet. He managed to rouse himself enough to reach out a hand to lift the sheet, see what it was he was missing.

Murdock slapped the hand away and scolded, "Don't you start. If you're awake enough for *that*, you're awake enough to get up."

Face yawned and turned onto his side, facing Murdock, the covers sliding down to reveal his bare shoulder and chest. He stretched just a little, and ran one hand through his tousled hair. His eyes were still lidded, whether with sleep or arousal, it was hard to tell. His voice was rather fuzzy with sleep as he responded, "Maybe I am, at that."

He shifted slightly closer and raised his eyebrows, eyes just a little bright.

Murdock shook his head. "Oh, no, you don't. Hannibal will *kill* us if we're not ready when he gets here."

"I bet he won't." A little closer, now, and then his hand traced a path down through the hair on Murdock's chest. Murdock watched with amusement, caught the hand as it attempted to delve beneath the covers once more.

"Oh, really? And why's that?" He pushed Face's hand back to his own side of the bed, and Face allowed it, since it drew Murdock closer.

"Well," he said casually, allowing his weight to fall back and swiftly reversing the hold Murdock had on his wrist, so that he was now holding Murdock's hand to the bed, forcing Murdock to lean across him. "He can't do without his pilot, can he? And he's not very good at, ah, acquiring the necessary items he needs for this mission." He smiled up at Murdock and lifted his head, trying to get his lips on Murdock's neck. Murdock, hand pinned, his upper body leaning across Face, pulled back, stubbornly trying to hide the smile on his face. Face let out a quiet mew of disappointment, falling back to the bed at the same time as he attempted to pull Murdock down with his other hand.

Murdock was ready for this maneuver, however, and quickly grabbed hold of that hand, holding it firmly. Face glanced down at where his hand was being held to the bed and then gave Murdock an appraising smile. "Nice work." He looked to the other side, where he had Murdock's hand pinned, then back up to where Murdock hovered over him, quite close now, unable to pull back without releasing his hold on Face. "Hmm. We're in quite the deadlock, here. I've got you and," Face's breathing was heavier, and his eyes brighter than before. "you seem to have got me." He blinking slowly and drew his tongue across his lips. "Whatever shall we do?" A laugh ran under his tone and he lifted his hips just a bit, shifting under Murdock's weight.

Murdock glared down at him. He used his weight to push Face's hips back down, intending to stop him from fooling around. It had quite a different effect, however, as Face gave a quiet murmur at this contact and writhed slowly under him just a bit. Murdock rolled his eyes, trying to maintain a sense of decorum. He was fighting a losing battle, though, as Face's warm body pressed against him began to have an effect on his body. "Face. . .get *up*."

Face smiled up at him innocently, blinking his eyes. "I *am* up." He shifted again beneath Murdock's hips, and his aroused state became patently obvious. His erection pressed warm and hard against Murdock through the thin sheet, and Murdock felt his own body responding in kind. He sat back abruptly and pulled Face up with him. Face whimpered at being forced to a sitting position. The covers fell off of him and he shivered in the morning air. Shifted closer, ignoring Murdock's warning glare. Rested his head beseechingly on his shoulder.

"Hannibal will not be remotely amused if we're still in bed when he gets here." Murdock tried to pull away, but when Face was giving him that look, it wasn't easy.

"Well, we'd better get started, then. Wouldn't want to be caught in the middle of things, right?" His hand again drifted lazily down between them. Murdock pulled away. . .or meant to pull away. . .but Face was so close. And his hand was so warm, caressing him. And somehow he was kissing those soft lips, instead of getting out of bed, away from this irresistible temptation. Warm lips against his own, drawing him down, Face's body suddenly somehow on top of his, warm weight, pressing against him, tongue exploring his mouth, Face very active for someone who had been half asleep only moments before.

What had he been arguing about, again? He was trying to form coherent words, not easy with his hands sliding down Face's back and under the sheet, closing around the sweetness of his ass, drawing him closer, and Face moving his hips against his own in that skillful way he had. "Face. . .oh, yes," he said, as Face's hands grasped his hips and pulled them up hard against his own. "Wait. . .no, we have to. . .wait. . ." Then he was moaning against Face's mouth as Face worked his way down, kissing as he went. Face's response was clear and precise once again. "No, we don't," he said just before he took Murdock's cock in his mouth and any possible pretense of coherent thought flew out of Murdock's head.

Part 2

Whatever it was that he had been trying to say, trying to remember, couldn't have been too important, right? Certainly not as important as this. They'd get to it later, surely. Now, though. . . "Face," he moaned. Face knew how to do this so damn well. He had surely spoiled Murdock for anyone else. Face, who so recently had been sleeping, was now completely in control, hands resting warm on Murdock's hips, caressing him there as his mouth did its magic. Murdock moved his hips restlessly; Face's mouth hot, burning almost, as it slid over Murdock's aching cock.

He actually cried out when Face let it slide out of his mouth, began kissing his way up Murdock's body. His senses were so lit up, the mere touch of those warm lips on his thighs, his stomach (pausing there so Face's tongue could delve momentarily into his navel), his chest, was enough to make him lift up off the bed, trying to maintain the contact.

How the hell did Face do this to him? His mind was whirling, incoherent with pleasure, his cock as hard and aching as though it had been weeks instead of, well, hours since he'd last had the pleasure of Face's body so close to his own. A few minutes ago, he'd been a functioning adult, and now Face had him reacting like a horny teenager.

It was yet another thing he loved about Face. He lost that train of thought as Face made it up to his lips and captured them in a burning kiss, deep and intense in his need. Small sounds were coming from the base of Face's throat, indicated that perhaps he wasn't in as smooth control as he seemed to be.

He needed Murdock as much as Murdock needed him. Always. They had this balance between them, an easy give and take, with the backbone of want and need.

He was rocking his hips against Murdock's, sliding against him, close but not close enough. Wanted more. Early morning waking with Murdock next to him started him off hot and he wanted *more*. Need and want and desire and the closeness of the rocking, Murdock moaning wantonly beneath him, lost in the slick closeness. Wanted more.

He tore his mouth from Murdock's, kissed eagerly down his cheek to his ear, wet kisses, messy kisses, tasting the skin and the sweat and the heat of his lover. Traced the tender earlobe with his lips, released that, made his way to Murdock's neck, kissed that, too. Sucked hard, marking him, and for this time, not caring, lost in the heat and the moment. Worked his way back up to the ear, and murmured fiercely, still moving against him, feeling Murdock's hands tight and hot on his ass, "Want more." A pause to breathe, needed oxygen, then fiercely again, "Need you."

Then his hands were down on Murdock's hips, urging him to turn over, and Murdock's eyes were looking up at him, wide, for Face, hot like this, needing like this, usually liked to be taken, taken hard and fully. But he smiled as he saw the hungry expression on Face's face, and turned over willingly, groaned as he felt Face reach over to the nightstand, pressing himself up against him in the process. There was a pause, then Face's weight on his back, warm breath burning in his ear at the same time as his slick fingers sank into his body, sank deep the very first time, causing Murdock to gasp his name out loud and then press up and back, seeking more.

"Tell me," Face murmured, still close to his ear. "Tell me." He adjusted the angle, reached deeper in, and felt Murdock jerk against him as he brushed against that oh, so sensitive spot inside.

"God, Face." Murdock's voice was strained and needing. "Please." His hips were moving anxiously against the bed, as Face enjoyed the feeling of the writhing body pinned beneath him. "Please."

"Please what?" Face pulled his fingers out slowly, grabbed hold of Murdock's hips. Poised himself at the entrance, so that Murdock could feel his cock, anxious to press in.

"Please *that*." And Murdock pressed himself back. Face, grinning, pushed inside, shutting his eyes tight as he was enveloped within Murdock's body. It had been a while since he'd been the giver, not the receiver, and it felt *good*. REALLY good. Surrounded, tight, hot, and Murdock gasping out his pleasure beneath him.

Really good.

He breathed deep, trying to get enough oxygen to somewhat clear his head, then began moving slowly, slowly, pulling almost all the way out before plunging back in to the hilt. Murdock moaned deep in his throat, so Face smiled and did it again. Murdock's hands were reaching out, grasping at the bed sheets, seeking a hold on the spinning earth. "God, Face. You are just so damn good at this." His breathless, aching need came through in his voice, and Face grinned.

"I know." He moved slowly, trying to draw it out. Murdock sent him a look over his shoulder and raising an eyebrow, pushed back into him, drawing him in deeper, tighter. Face inhaled tightly at this challenge, and grasped Murdock's hips harder. Murdock pushed back again, enjoying the desperate little sounds coming from Face's throat as he struggled to maintain control.

Face leaned forward over Murdock's back, reached around to grasp his hard cock in a firm hold, stroking it up and down, pushing Murdock closer to the same edge. It became less of a game and more of a need, and the two of them moved together, hard and fast and oh, so necessary. The sounds Murdock was making, his head pressed to the sheets, were enough to drive Face faster.

Time was of the essence and that was okay. Face knew he was close, knew *they* were close. Close, so close, drawing together harder and Murdock had gone from whispering to crying his name out loud. The utter openness in his voice made Face tremble and he found himself leaning forward, holding him close, burying his head against Murdock's back as he fought to maintain control.

Then Murdock was keening, incoherent sounds of pleasure. His cock swelled and then jumped in Face's hand and seed spurted, Murdock's body tightening around Face, and it wasn't a choice, his body moved without volition, pounded in once, twice, close, so close, and came, tremblingly hard.

Face fell gasping to Murdock's back, lay there recovering for a moment before turning his head and pulling himself forward, planting kisses along the way, tasting once more the sweat and scent of this man who he loved. Saw the clock out of the corner of his eye.

"Jesus Christ, Murdock!"

Murdock exhaled petulantly as Face pulled out abruptly and rolled off of him. "Murdock, look at the clock!" Face stood there, naked and disheveled and sweaty, glancing around in despair, not knowing where to start. "We have *no* time. Hannibal. . .and *BA*. . .are going to be here in *five* minutes."

Murdock sighed and burrowed deeper into the pillows.

Face grabbed a pair of pants, then sighed, dropped them and grabbed a towel instead. A shower was *very* necessary. They both reeked of sex. Good in some circumstances, not in others. Saw Murdock still lying there. "Murdock, come on, get up!"


Face was going to throttle him. He really and truly was. "Get *up*."


"Hannibal will kill both of us, you know."

"He'll kill you first." Murdock cracked an eyelid and gave Face a half-grin. "You're closer to the door." He closed his eyes again, trembling a bit, perhaps from laughter this time.

Face glared at him. "Murdock. . ."

"Okay, I'm up." Murdock flung himself to a sitting position with yet another put-out sigh, and ran his fingers through his seriously unruly hair. Face got caught for a moment, staring at him in the morning sun. Every fiber of his body was urging him to hurry, get ready, his commander was going to be there any moment. . .but he still got caught in that view of Murdock, rumpled and sweaty and still so very sexy in the early morning light, not even aware he was being watched. Face had to literally shake his head to get back on track. He reached over, grabbed hold of Murdock's hand and pulled him out of bed. Planted a quick kiss on his lips, skillfully avoided the roaming hands seeking to pull him closer, and pushed him towards the adjoining bathroom.

"Get in the shower. Now." Murdock yawned again and headed fairly agreeably towards the shower, thinking about hot water and lots of soap. He was quite sticky by this point.

Face turned to snag another towel, just as there was a sharp knock at the front door. "Oh, fuck." He hurried to join Murdock in the bathroom, thoughtfully turning the lock to that door on the way in. He figured the front door would hold them for maybe two or three minutes, depending on how patient BA was feeling. This would give them just a bit more lead time.

Murdock peeked around the shower curtain, smiling when he saw Face there. "Gonna join me, darlin'? You ask real nice, an' I'll wash your back." Face raised his eyebrows and climbed in. Murdock took his hands and drew him under the hot water, just as there was a tremendous bang from somewhere out in the bedroom. He looked at Face apprehensively. "Oh, fuck."

Face nodded as he ducked under the water, getting ready to wash as quick as he could. "Yep, they just got here."

"Um, did they knock?" Murdock was washing just as quickly.

"About a minute ago." The pace turned slightly frantic as they fought each other for space to rinse off. "BA is apparently not feeling too patient with us this morning."

"We're dead."


"Kiss me, so I die happy." Murdock flung his arms around Face melodramatically and drew him back under the water, just as he was trying to get out.

"You courting death, here?" Face struggled for just a minute before submitting to Murdock's persuasive lips.

Murdock murmured against his lips, "He can only kill us once." They both jumped, as there was pounding on the bathroom door and Hannibal roaring out not their names, but their ranks. "Hannibal, however. . ."

"A ormal>

"Me, too," said Murdock, just as the door gave in.


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