by Buzz

Some slash fun from Buzz, comprised of a remarkable number of fandoms!

"Hey," Johnny said, gazing at Myron. "Who's that guy over there?"

"Oh," Myron commented, gazing off in the other direction. "That's the new guy. Murdock something. His buddy calls him Mad Dog."

"Which buddies?" Johnny inquired.

Myron turned and with a sweep of his hand indicated the other guys. Other than the lanky pilot, there was the hotshot lieutenant, the older, grinning gentleman, and a large black man wearing lots of chains.

Zeke, the sergeant, strolled up to them and looked at the big guy, whose name happened to be B.A., which stood for Bad Attitude, Barracus, who looked down at him and grinned but the grin didn't look like a happy one!

"I didn't know you could where gold chains in Nam," he ejaculated.

"Fool," B.A. "Bad Attitude" Barracus grunted, gazing at Zeke.

Just then, Percell and his new boyfriend walked up to all of them and chided, "I bet you all wish you had some of this!"

They all turned to stare at Percell's new boyfriend. Even though none of them had ever looked at guys before, and had had many successful and fulfilling relationships with women, they were at once drawn to the stunning, rugged handsomeness of the new lieutenant who had joined the tour just today. He was almost achingly handsome, the kind of handsome that is hard to look at for long. He had peircing blue eyes that seemed to bore into your very sole. His brown hair was cropped in such a way that wouldn't be thought of, let alone popular, until many years from now, but that didn't matter. They all melted at the site of its close-cropped beauty. In addition, the man had well-defined pec muscles, as well as stong biceps and triceps, as well as gorgeous leg muscles which made Percell melt. They all stared at his gorgeous leg muscles, as he was wearing shorts, for awhile, and all at once they all fell in love with him.

Zeke questioned, "What's your name, lieutenant?"

The new liuetenant's voice rang out over the jungle and suddenly, all of them knew everything in the world was precious and good. "Spike," he said. "Spike Doggy."

Just then, the enemy burst into camp, aimed their guns only at the new leuitenant, and fired away, riddling him with bulletholes. Then, the enemy disappeared into the woods.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Percell, and collapsed to the ground next to the beautiful, wonderfu, love of his life. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" His tears glistened in the Viet Nam sunset. Soon, all of them collapsed to the ground, torn apart by the loss of this beautiful, arresting, wonderful person that they'd all known for a whole ten minutes. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Percell shrieked, thrusting a fist at the sky. What was left for him now? Nothing. Nothing. Except maybe heroin.

Seeking comfort, Murdock and his friend Face disappeared into a nearby Hooch. Face looked the lanky pilot up and down. Suddenly, the conman tore all the clothes off the pilot and said, "I need you to make love to me right now," which seemed strange, as he had never once before ever looked at a man ever in his entire life with lustful, slashy thoughts. Ever.

"Okay!" Murdock said, pulling out a convenient tube of KY, which is a personal lubricant which is water based, water soluble (condom compatible), long lasting, non-greasy, non-sticky, fragrance free and alcohol free. He often had many tubes of KY and other lubricants on his person.

He allowed the conman to rip off his clothes, then lay down on the bed, lifting his legs in the air. He had never had sex with a man before, but Face was different. Face was the most wonderful beautiful man in the world, now that Spike Doggy was dead. Face slathered his arousal with KY and slid into Murdock. Murdock groaned. He'd thought it would hurt, but the sensation was velvety. They made love for hours and hours, until the sun came up. Then they made love again, and realized they were more in love with each other than anybody had ever been with anyone ever in the history of the whole world.

After getting back to The World, they moved to Canada and started a card shop together. Years later, a Mountie named Benton Fraser showed up, looking for a card to send to his beloved.

"What was his name?" Face asked, placing a hand on the Mountie's. The Mountie was rugged and almost as beautiful as his beloved Murdoch, but that didn't matter, because even though Face fell achingly in love with Benton ("Benny") Fraser at once, he knew their love could never be, as he was in love with Murdoch forever and ever, and that was all he ever needed.

"His name was Ray," Benny told him. The Mountie had lost him years before, when he had gone undercover. "There's this other guy named Ray, too. He's the New Guy. But we just fuck, there's no love there. Not like the wonderful, beautiful love that Ray #1 and I shared. There will never be a love like that, ever, in the history of the world."

Face begged to differ, but only shot the Mountie a rakish grin and said nothing. Soon, a man burst into the shop. It was Ray! (The good Ray!) "I've been looking for you for years, my love!" he trembled, sweeping Benny into his arms and dusting his lips across Benny's. Murdock came into the store and held his beloved's hand. This was the best day ever in this world. Well, it would be, if Spike Doggy were still alive. His death had touched them all, even Benny and Ray, who had never met him but still carried love for him in their hearts.

Just then, a tall blonde Russian man burst in. "Have you seen my lover Solo?" he asked, and they all exchanged a knowing glance.