by brooklinegirl



Boykissing! Finally! This is for mrsronweasley - ReGenesis ficlet, David and Carlos' first kiss.

They were colleagues first, but David had never let that bother him and he wasn't going to start now. And he wasn't gay, but just because David had never done something before didn't mean it was too late to start. And besides, Carlos was…Carlos. Finding him attractive wasn't a matter of goddamn sexuality, it was a matter of sex. Plain old sex, pure and simple, and just looking at Carlos was more than enough to get David interested.

Very interested.

Carlos had been working in the lab for maybe a couple of months - a really fucking busy couple of months, which was the only reason it took that long - when David, slinging his bag over his shoulder as he headed out at the end of the day, invited him to come have a drink.

Carlos, being Carlos, leaned back against his lab desk and gave David a long look before finally replying, "Okay, yes, sure."

"Good." David clapped him on the shoulder, and fuck, that look and his shoulder under David's hand was enough to make David stop for a second, and swallow, and follow it up with, "At my place."

No sense in being coy about it, was there?

Carlos was already shrugging into his jacket, and he didn't even blink. "Of course."

Of course, he said. Like it was a given. Like he'd known from the start that when David said "a drink" what he really meant was "a fuck." Like he was okay with that, and the way he gestured smoothly for David to lead the way out of the lab made David feel like this hadn't entirely been his idea. That Carlos had maybe been thinking about this during the crazy past few months, same as David, and so they were on the exact same page here.


David got distracted during the ride over, because Carlos was talking about the latest gene manipulation experiments going on and the two of them were really not on the same page about that. Arguing took up most of the ride, and by the time they got out of the car, David was on an adrenaline high from the discussion - even in disagreeing, Carlos had some smart, smart things to say, and nothing turned David on faster or harder than that.

He felt buzzed, turned on, and they hadn't even done anything yet. When he strode through the door to his apartment, he was half-hard already, and when he turned around to sling his bag on the hook, Carlos was right there, pushing him back against the door and pressing up against him. He looked at David for a second before kissing him so hot and intense that David couldn't even be annoyed that Carlos was the smooth one here. When Carlos finally pulled back slowly, David's heart was beating a mile a minute and his cock wasn't just hard, it was like a rock, and he was pressing forward against Carlos' thigh, which was helpfully pushed between David's legs.

"Jesus." David opened his eyes and took a breath. "I - Jesus, that was good."

Carlos grinned. "Thank you," he said. "I've been thinking about it for a while."

David raised an eyebrow. "I've been thinking about other stuff for a while."

"Have you?" Carlos pressed his thigh against him harder, and David shut his eyes, panting a little.

"Yeah, I -" David looked up at Carlos. "You still want that drink?"

"Not so much, no." Carlos' eyes were dark as he gazed at David.

"Thank god," David said, and pushed forward off the door, kissing Carlos as he backed him towards the couch.


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