brooklinegirl's A-Team Fic Recs

Dear lord, I had forgotten how much good stuff this fandom put out over the years. This is a fair cross-section of my favorite authors - if you like what you see here, go to the A-Team archives on my Links page and read the rest of the stories by these authors - they are almost all splendid. God, I'm so spoiled with the easily-found old fic in the DS fandom - I'm totally saddened that none of Ushbeti's stuff is archived anywhere (I was totally in love with her writing, and it was her who made me adore the Face and Murdock Vietnam-era stuff). And do any of you remember Alison C.'s dead-on perfect poem "Bellwether," which has stuck with me for years, and is perhaps the most perfect Hannibal piece ever written? I could kick myself that I don't have that saved anywhere.

Anyway. Look! Links! Go read! Fangirl the authors if you like the fics! This was great fun to put together. I have such deep love for Face/Murdock.

Something Else by Cath

OMG. SO HOT. Face and Murdock on leave in Hawaii and it's all first time hotness and nrrrrgh.

Night Won't Set Me Free by emmastark

This is an unfinished fic, but what there is of it - and it's long - is so perfectly stellar that I have not the words to describe it. It's been years since I've read it, and I still have this detailed images in my head of this story and what she did with this world. It's Face/Murdock in Vietnam and it's brilliant.

Do We Dream When We're Dead, Lazarus? By emmastark

God, emma was the most stellar writer in the fandom. Seriously, every one of her fics was brilliant, and this is no exception. The A-Slash had a monthly missing scene challenge going on, which resulted in some of the very best fics out there. This is a response to the Trial episodes missing scene, and is just - harsh, and dark, and perfect, perfect fic. All her fics are Face/Murdock, and she does an amazing job of painting their relationship.

Murdock reached up for Face. He could see a little now. There were stars outside the window and maybe a yard light. He could see Face’s eyes. He reached up and tried to grab on to Face, tried to help him get closer, because it seemed like he wanted to be closer. Wanted to be all over him, on him, in him, suddenly.

Love Against the Gods by emmastark

Missing scene from "Cowboy George. It's got the perfect measure of humor, and angst, and hotness. Forgive the horrid font - it's worth it to cut-and-paste into Word, trust me.

When they'd first stepped out onto Texas soil, he'd squatted down and picked up a handful of thin, loose dirt. Let it fall between his fingers. Stared down at the ground beneath his feet like he didn't entirely trust it. Then peered back up at Face with wide, nervous eyes.

What Frankie Saw by emmastark

God. I hadn't read this for years, and I still remembered it in vast detail. Post-Family-Reunion missing scene between Face and Murdock. An all-out perfect view of the whole team here, and just totally heart-breaking and real and - wonderful.

Face was holding his own over in the corner, back to the wall and fighting hard.

He looked... cool and wild at the same time. Like Vietnam all over again.

His cheek was bleeding, but he was smiling as he punched and wove and feinted. A wild smile.

Catching Twilight by Cath

Holy god, I can't tell you how much I love this fic, how many details of it I remember years later, how fucking HOT the sex is. Just - okay. The A-team has this interesting Vietnam backstory that a skilled writer can bring to life, and Cath does so beautifully here. Just - fucking guh. The sex is so fucking hot, but the part that stuck with me is this:

Fingering the ball that Murdock had held so recently, Face drew back his arm to throw it. Eyes fixed on Murdock's, drowning in those warm brown depths, his aim was a little high.

"Hey, Face! What's that?" Murdock leaped into the air, snagging the ball. Exposing his flat stomach, scattered with fine hairs, as his arm reached over his head.

God, I fucking love this fic.

Dreams, Re-Sealed by SnowFlake

God, I think this is the very first thing I ever read by Snowy and I fell completely in love with her writing. It's fantastic almost-but-not-quite Face/Murdock, and she just does a great job showing their characters. (and another one that it's really worth pasting into Word to get around the bad font/colors.)

The dirt-white door of the motel room was open, he suddenly realized. Face was leaning casually against the doorframe, a silent question being asked. Murdock looked up at him, squinting at the daylight; thought about it, then shook his head no. No, he didn't feel like company. Not Face's company. Not just now. Later. Maybe

Getting to Know Ewe by Elizabeth Kent

It's a total PWP, with some h/c thrown in for good measure, and she is such a grand writer that she sells it, splendidly. It's lovely and hot and them.

Control by Face's New Flame

God, I loved Face's New Flame. She was in and out of the fandom real quick, but I loved every damn thing she wrote. Her fic was fresh and new and hot like a very hot thing. This, I adore, because it's Face all trying so hard to not put the moves on Murdock, but god, he gets outclassed and it's fucking LOVELY.

Discovery by Face's New Flame

More total hotness from FNF, and I could die from how much I love this:

'Murdock, we can't.' Face's protest lost something; he was sliding his hands under Murdock's t-shirt as he spoke.

'But we are,' Murdock said, sliding off the black leather jacket.

'What if someone sees?'

'Through those?' The windows were already pretty steamed up. It felt so good, Face's body on top of him, pushing, the weight on him, and the heat. And it felt so bad, so dirty, being in a car, in an alley, being in danger.

Who I Once Was by Stompy Sara

This is just totally fabulous writing - Face is such a ladies man that it just had to really push him off-center to fall for Murdock.

The door of the club opened then. Face looked up. It was Murdock.

He took his hat off as he entered, ran one hand through his hair. He looked uncertain and lost, as he always did in public without the team around him, his dark eyes wide as he surveyed the room. His customary leather jacket had been left at home for some reason; instead, he wore one of Face's old army-issue sweaters and black pants. The trademark shoes were still there, along with the cap he now twisted in his hands. Face stared, wondering how he'd found this place. He never said anything about the lone drinks he indulged in here.

Call My Name by Wendybyrd

Wendy is a fucking fabulous writer - I really love ALL of her fics. This one is an odd little dream fic, but the imagery works, and is fucking hot, and this is one of my all-time favorite fics ever.

"I confess," a voice said softly from behind him, but it echoed around the large room. Face spun around to stare at Murdock in surprise. Murdock didn't look surprised at all.


"I Confess. Did you ever see that movie, Face?" Murdock was dressed in his usual t-shirt and khakis and was walking slowly between the rows of pews, up the center aisle towards Face.

Who Needs Steve McQueen, Anyway? By Wendybyrd

Besides, hi, a kick-ass title, this is truly fantabulous hetfic by Wendy. Murdock and Kelly, from, uh, that ep with the vet (played by Dwight Schultz' wife) and it is WONDERFUL.

Building Trust by Stompy Sara

Great fic, great look at the characters, FABULOUS original female character. I love this mostly b/c I totally adore seeing the team through an outsider's POV.

The Mile-High Club by Mel

OMG. I had totally forgotten this one. Hot, hot sex in an airplane - plus hot, hot sex while flying an airplane. Guh. Total unflinching PWP and I adore it!

Come On Baby, Light My Fire by emmastark

Guh. Hot, wonderful Face and Murdock and the team in Vietnam. It's scorching and desperate and fucking FABULOUS, and not just b/c it was written for ME.

Laundry By emmastark

The imagery in this one has stuck with me for years. It's one of those sad, soothing, bedtime fics. Wonderful.

Sewing Lessons By emmastark

More emma loveliness:

Murdock frowned. Dangled the needle and thread from his clasped hands. "I don't see why I need to do this anyhow, Hannibal. Face knows how to sew people up."

"Face is always the one bleeding. Come on, Murdock. It's just a couple inches. He's going to bleed to death while we sit here talking."

Good Samaritans by Tee

Just a wonderful, non-slashy vignette which just perfectly focuses on the Team and how they can't stop helping people if they try. It's fabulous.

I Am Become Death by Nicole Wilson

I love this fic. It's long, plotty, smart, incorporates Dr. Richter, and is just brilliant.

If Only by lamardeuse

Perfect, perfect A-Team AU. God, I love how she writes them:

He'd imagined kissing him would be good. But the gap between imagination and reality was as wide as the Grand Canyon. The first touch of his lips was a tentative pressure that increased slowly, then abruptly disappeared. Murdock figured that was it, experiment finished, because it was pretty damn clear this altar boy had never had another woman besides his wife, let alone— And then strong hands cupped his face and the mouth returned to devour him alive.

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