brooklinegirl's (witchbaby's) Older A-Team Slash Fic

Okay. So this is the stuff I wrote when I was just a beginning slasher. I dove right into the whole slash thing, and fell prey to all of the mistakes beginning slashers make. My very first story of any kind is "The One With All the Gazing." The title comes from my first beta reader of any sort, Buzz, who said, “Um. They gaze at each other. A lot.”

Yeah. They do. I also have an unhealthy amount of ellipses. These guys can’t manage to complete a sentence without trailing off, apparently. Also, um, they’re kind of girly. I don’t know why I made them cry so damn much in my early stories. Sigh. No one’s perfect. Oh, I also got very into the whole epithet thing: the lanky pilot, the blond lieutenant, the younger man. And, um, shied away from over-using the word “cock,” even when it would have been way more appropriate than “member” or even “erection.” I was young and somewhat innocent. The stories do get better. I think. I hope. Aw, hell. Everybody has to start somewhere. Anyway. This is just a warning: click with care, some of this stuff is just plain bad.

Story Index

[It Started With a Kiss] (29K)
Stop it with “the lanky pilot”! And the gazing. And the crying like bitches. And throbbing cocks? Seriously? NC-17.

[The One With All the Gazing] (20K)
My very first slash fic EVER. Uhm. "Murdock." He swiftly followed the lanky pilot down the porch and grabbed his arm. Murdock swung around to face him, unable to hide the hurt and flash of tears in his eyes. NC-17.

[Piece of My Heart] (29K)
In which Face and Murdock are really, really, really in lurrrve. So they cry about it. A lot.

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