All I Need Is Everything

by brooklinegirl



Response to the Porn Challenge over at ds Flashfic.

He licks my lips like they taste sweet. He pulls back when I try to lean forward for a kiss, evades me easily. I want to hold him close, let him warm me. I want him to hold me down, want him to take me, to capture and keep. I would give him everything and never look back. But he doesn't ask that of me. Asks only that I be here with him, really here, and not lose myself in this.

But I want to get lost in him.

His hands are usually cold; he's thin and his extremities don't hold the heat well. I feel like Iím a furnace here to warm him. But now when he puts his hands on me, when they seek under my shirt and press against my skin, they feel warm. His hands on me, so warm, make me feel whole.

He gives in, like I knew he would. He can only hold back so long. He kisses me, deep, presses into my mouth, seeking with his tongue, and I gladly give him everything. Open up to him and offer myself, and he takes, but not greedily. It's tender, when he kisses me like this, tastes me. Savors me. I want to give myself to him, give myself up to his care. Let him hold me, let him take me, let him do with me what he will.

Because what he'll do with me will be sweet. Will be what I need, what I've always needed, without ever being able to put the words to it. He'll take me and I'll give myself to him gladly, for I can't hide from him. I want to be everything to him.

And he kisses me, tastes me, takes from me here in the night, and all I can do is urge him on, with my lips, my touch, because all I want, all I want, all I want is him.


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